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Be careful Chelsea! Don’t let your kite get stuck in a tree. No, I’ll be very careful this time. I’m bored playing on this carousel,
what else can I do? The swing is taken… Oh! I know! I’ll go on the slide! Here I come. How fun!! I’ll slide down again!! Ow-ee!! I don’t think I should go on the slide again. Let’s see… Oh! I know! I’ll climb this tree! Hey! You shouldn’t climb trees! It’s dangerous! I always climb them and nothing happens. Hahaha! Hello Chipmunk! Hahaha, it’s scared of me. Oh! The girl who was on the swing left, I’m
going to go on it! Oh no!! How am I going to get down from here?? Oh, I need to ask for help. Help!! Help!! Chelsea! Did you hear that? Yes! It sounds like someone is calling for help. Oh! It’s that girl who’s over there in that
tree. Let’s go help her. Here! Grab my hand! Ahhh!!!! Ow-ee!!! What happened?? What happened?? I’m going to go look for my Mommy!! Ow-ee!! My arm really hurts. I can’t move it. *gasp* I’ll go look for Barbie. It’s time for lunch, I’ll
go look for the girls. Barbie! Barbie! Huh? Lily? What’s wrong?? Chelsea fell from a tree! And now she can’t move her arm! *gasp* Oh no! Let’s go!! Hurry! Chelsea, what’s wrong?? My arm really hurts, and I can’t
move it! Oh, it’s probably broken. Hurry! We have to go to the doctor! Let’s go Lily. Let me examine you. Okay, now let me look at the X-rays. Oh yes, there’s a fracture. You’re going to need a cast. Will it hurt? Oh no, don’t worry. I’ll be very careful. You said you broke your arm trying to help
a girl get off a tree in the park? Yes, that’s what happened. Oh, it must be the girl that arrived
a few minutes ago. She’s in the other room. She also broke her arm trying to get down
from a tree in the park. And she said that a very nice girl helped
her. Yes, it must be her. How is she, doctor? Well, I’m sure the same as you,
they’re almost done taking care of her too. That’s good! I hope she gets better quickly like me. Haha, I’m sure she will. Okay, done! Come back in four weeks so I can take it off. Bye Chelsea. Bye doctor. Thank you! Hi boys and girls! Today we played with the Barbie Pediatric
set, and the Playmobil City Life park set. This Barbie is from the Career Collection,
and here on the back it shows us the other careers that are available. And now we’re going to open it up so we
can see everything it comes with. It comes with this doctor’s table, but the
drawers don’t really open. Over here on the back it comes with these
jars with things that doctors usually have in the rooms. Stuff like band-aids, Q-tips, cotton balls,
and candy to give as treats to the kids, and of course, soap to wash their hands. It comes with an x-ray that you can take
out and put back in. And here it has this tool that doctors use
to look inside patient’s ears. Here we have the doctor’s diploma, and here
we have the patient’s medical history. It also comes with a laptop. Here the doctor can look at the x-rays, and
also what medicine they’re going to prescribe to the patient. The laptop can close and open. And here we have the patient!! I can’t really tell if her dress is one
of the gowns they give to patients, or if it’s just the girl’s dress. It could just be her dress because it matches
her shoes. But it could also be a hospital gown, because
it’s obviously a doctor’s playset. And since she comes with this cast, she could
also come with the hospital gown, but I don’t really know. What do you think friends?? Let me know in the comments, do you think
this is the girl’s dress, or do you think it’s a hospital gown? Over here we have Barbie as a pediatrician. She comes with her lab coat, she also comes
with this stethoscope to hear the patient’s heart, lungs, and breathing. She comes with this tool to check the patient’s
reflexes, and she comes with very comfortable shoes because she’s on her feet all day. And the set comes with this nice background
that we can use while we’re playing. *crying* Why are you crying sweetie? Because I don’t like shots!! I get scared!! And they hurt! Oh, don’t worry. You don’t always get shots every time you
go to the doctor. Really? Yes, really. For example, I’m not going to give you any
shots today. I just want to check on your arm and see how
it’s doing. Let’s see… Hmm, it looks like everything is fine. Let me look at the x-rays. Excellent! The bone has completely healed! Now all we need to do is remove the cast,
and done! You’re good as new! Yaaay!! Thank you doctor!! You’re welcome, sweetie. Hi Chelsea. Hi doctor. How did it go with your cast? Good! It didn’t bother me! Good! Now it’s time to take it off. Let’s see… Done! Your arm is as good as new! And now we’re going to open the PlayMobil
park. Oooo so many things!! Let’s build it really quick! Woo-hoo!! And now that the swing set is done, let’s
build the other play ground activities. Weee!! Faster mom! Faster!! And I think the only thing left for us
to build is this tree. It comes with this bench so the parents can
sit and watch the kids. It comes with a kite to fly during windy days. It comes with these two squirrels that look
like they go in the tree. It comes with this cooler, and these juice
boxes that we can put inside. Let’s leave them here next to the mom. It comes with these sand toys, and this handle
to make it easier to move the cooler. Ooo and here it comes with another sand toy,
a bucket! And this hat for the kids. Yay!! Look how high I’m flying the kite!! What a fun park!! Oh, you’re the girl from the park. Yes! And you’re Chelsea! The girl that helped me get down from the
tree! Haha yeah. I’m glad your arm is better! I’m glad yours is too! Thank you, Chelsea for helping me down
from the tree. Oh, you’re welcome!

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