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over the last week or so I've been madly marking assignments for a nearby university I've been doing this for a few years now and one thing I've discovered is that many students cheat in the latest assignment for example out of about 50 students I marked 12 of them cheated that's 24% almost one in four students cheated at least the ones that are detected their job was to design their own database and put the results on paper twelve of them pretty much had exactly the same database not only did they have the same database they had copied it directly from another course a course which I also Mark sure that changed it a little bit but not by much it would be like having to submit a script for a play submitting Shakespeare's Hamlet that is the tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark then changing a few words using a thesaurus the calamity of village monarch of Scandinavia yes that's pretty much what these students did changed a few words here and there to try to fool any automated plagiarism detection software but what they seem to forget is that all of these assignments are hand marked and so to any marker the cheating is abundantly clear I don't know if the students are copying each other or paying for somebody to do their assignments but certainly it's the same assignment being used over and over again now not the examiner for these courses so I have no right to fail the students or give them a zero on the assignment I can only contact the University and let them know my findings and that's exactly what I do every year but what to the University to do about it almost nothing for example in this latest assignment after contacting the university about the cheating I was told that if I suspect the students have not designed their own database that I can deduct 15 percent from their assignment result with a note explaining my suspicions and telling them that they have the right to appeal the outcome if they feel that they have been wrongly accused that's it a few measly marks I know the students will never appeal because they've been caught red-handed but they certainly know that they don't need to fear getting kicked out of the University clearly that's just not going to happen of all the teachers that I've marked only one of them have failed due to this loss of marks basically they're getting away with it because the university are not willing to come down hard on them and the students know it why you may ask why does the university not suspend them or expel them or at the very least fail them in that assignment I'll tell you I because every single student that I have accused of cheating is an international student why does that matter because international students make up a huge proportion of university revenue yes as expected money is to blame if you kick an international student out you not only get that lucrative income stream he's the reported revenue from some of the more prestigious universities around Australia look at that hundreds of millions of dollars of international revenue cheder in the bank in total Australia gets about thirty two billion dollars a year from international students that's Australia's third biggest export industry behind only iron ore and coal ass in here in Australia Chinese students make up about 30 percent of all international students India comes in second I don't want to blame anyone but these two countries tend to make up the bulk of cheetahs that I've experienced why do they do it why do students cheat he can't be that they're all stupid for my experience they're often quite smart it's just that their English is not up to scratch and they simply can't fully understand the lectures and the assignments so in desperation they turned the cheating a media academic who used to manage a master's program at RMIT University Jenny wait said that many international students struggled with basic communication and in some cases had absolutely no English whatsoever she said I've read a lot of assignments written by international students which appear that have been written in Chinese and then translated using Google I don't blame the students at all for doing that and I think many of them do leave with a somewhat bitter attitude about their experience one of the struggles was to try and get our English entry level standards lifted higher but the pressures on universities to make money from international students is such that they don't want to because that will knock out a lot of potential students I think the Umbrella response if like is that universities don't really want to be confronted with the problems that international students face it's a huge cash cow for them in a cash poor sector they're almost desperately dependent on international student income another lecturer from an elite Australian University who wanted to remain anonymous said she was shocked with the poor level of English of some of her students she remembers one incident specifically a young international student came to my office who was accompanied by another woman and seemed nervous she couldn't speak any English and she didn't understand anything that I said the woman accompanying the student whom I thought was a friend was in fact the translator hired for the meeting the student had gone through the first year of her degree without the ability to speak English it floored me Olivia Joel a former student at RMIT said that many of her classmates couldn't understand the lecture content she said if a student in the class can't even understand what the teacher is saying how can they finish their assignment another RMIT former student Louie said language is a big problem Chinese don't talk to local students because they think the local students don't want to talk to them and so they tend to get into small cliques at university so-called contract cheating has become a real thing entire web sites have been set up that allow international students to contract a person to write their assignments and essays for them chinese-born meaning dole was the mastermind behind the Chinese language service called my master it allowed students to pay for their assignments to be written for them a translation of a flyer found on the walls of a university said are you racking your brains on your schoolwork do you worry about spending three thousand dollars retaking tuition on the failing subject leave your worries to my master and make your study easier apparently at its peak my master had 100 writers working for them and were servicing hundreds of students at some of Australia's top universities of course miss dole claims that she had no idea about the website but promised that she would investigate but it's not just assignments that students are paying for you can even pay a person to sit your exam for you impersonators are being hired to actually take your place in the exam room you hand over the cash and then they will guarantee you or passing the exam how do they do this you may be wondering well you give them your student ID and they use that to impersonate you they rely on the fact that many University supervisors simply do not have the time to thoroughly check every ID even if I did if I see this face sitting at the desk and then this face on the ID card are they really going to cause a scene and accuse a student of impersonating somebody for my personal experience I can't even recognize my Chinese wife on her own ID card how could I possibly accuse a student of not being the actual student it would be incredibly embarrassing if I was wrong and may even result in accusations of racism and the like cheating is rife in Australian universities and sadly it's because we are too addicted to the revenue that international students bring unfortunately in the long run it will hurt the entire industry if Australian universities get a reputation for allowing widespread cheating then the qualifications will eventually become worthless and when that happens no more students will come as often is the case in big business short term gain long term pain

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  1. The universities don't care as long as they get the money. I saw a lot of cheating at my uni too. What annoys me is these pricks then get visas and employment in Australia. That's what it is about. Visas.

  2. Here is an idea. The universities should simply offer ESL (English as a Second Language) classes to all international students who fail to meet the university's English language requirement when applying. Students who don't pass their ESL classes would simply be barred from taking the University's regular courses. Those who fail can retake their ESL classes as many times as they like (more revenue!!) until they give up and leave the country! These classes can also bring in additional revenue and is much better than putting simply students with little or no English skills into their regular courses.

  3. It's worse than all of that though. Studying in Australia is often a stepping stone to gaining permanent residency and eventually citizenship. The kinds of people who are willing to game the system at stage one of that process are the same kinds of people who are willing to game the system down the line. The broader effect is not just upon the education sector, or even the wider economy; it is upon civic virtue and social trust for the entire society, which ends up turning into exactly the kind of place that such people left for the exact same reasons.

    There are many layers to this problem, but we should start with the treasonous elite (in this case, politicians, bureaucrats and academics) who have sold this country out, whether merely for direct personal financial gain or for purely ideological reasons.

    This country is going to be a red hot mess in so many ways within less than a generation.

  4. It raises some questions. What do the foreign students expect to get out of a university education if they cannot handle the language medium? Why did they choose to attend Australian universities, anyway? Is their motivation to do with the underlying immigration privileges? If their language skills retard their uni education, it is hard to see them doing well in the workplace, assuming they get through the interview.

  5. About 18 years ago I was a postgrad student and tutor at a Western Australian university. A new Chinese lecturer arrived that could hardly speak English but presumably had some academic kudos. I enrolled in a class he was teaching because I was interested in that subject but withdrew before the funding deadline because the lecturer was hopeless. Towards the end of that semester I walked past the class and every student in there was Chinese. As a tutor I was under ridiculous pressure when marking papers and often had to pass papers that were pathetic and some I strongly suspected had been plagiarised. I saw lecturers with tenure who had caught students handing in copied submissions being coerced into allowing the students to pass with little consequence. This was nearly 20 years ago. This was a Science department. I don't know what the situation in humanities is like but seeing much of the epistemology is fraudulent anyway whether or not students cheated wouldn’t make any difference to the uselessness of their education. Higher education is a cash cow.

  6. yes Australian Universities have very low ethical standards. Waste of money I would say, to come study here

  7. I could have told you that from my uni times. With collabs, some participants just cut and paste. I was shocked by the poor level of English by some of the Lecturers.

  8. cheeky kiddo, good save with the "can't recognize my own Chinese wife". I know you know i know you only did that to defuse the heat 😉 hahahahas

  9. Don't worry my Japanese wife works at a high school tuck shop and she can't tell all the blonde school girls apart, she complains they all look the same.

  10. Nice vid mate. Sad that int students are pressured into degrees they often don't want to do in the first place. Imagine taking an economics degree here, going back to China and trying to get a job. You'd be pretty behind the eight ball because you didn't learn anything. Sad system rewarding stupidity. Harsh, butfair

  11. I've been burnt from people with masters degrees from unknown universities because they rarely ever have the skill. (thank god for the probation period).

    If you want to stand out from the pack, ensure that you have extra circular stuff on your CV. Unless it's from a high end university, a degree by itself isn't enough proof that you know much.

  12. I'm an international student studying in one of the universities in Melbourne. I have personally never seen anyone doing cheating on their assignments, but I heard the stories of it a lot. As you mentioned, universities can't survive without the revenues from international students so they continue to ignore the plagiarism allowing the students to pass. However, universities are also to blame for this issue. Teachers do not care about if the students understand classes, and do not have any strategies and measures to properly guide those students who struggle to catch up. They also do not care about international students to fail the subject and how to help them to re-organize the repeat with the attendant visa issues, which they often promised to do when they recruited the students. Additionally, the quality of education and facilities they promised to provide often seem to be a gimmick or fraud. I think Australian universities have just been enjoying the benefit from international students without making any effort to improve the quality. Their focus is only to draw as much money from international students as possible rather than improving and providing quality education.

  13. so true I done my Electrical Engineering and some had no idea but still passed, after the second year practically no one gave a toss and we all passed. I was also sick of learning old irrelevant stuff that was no longer used

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