Chatbot for Education lead Generation and Admission Simplification

Imagine if you are visiting particular website
and live chat symbol pops up on the right hand corner so live chat is a mechanism that
is helping various website to resolve queries Associated with website visitors and you might
be thinking in the traditional approach where in order to manage live chat queries someone
needs to sit on the other side of the live chat admin panel and someone needs to handle
inquiries and someone need to respond to those queries 24/7. But today is an era of Artificial Intelligence
or algorithm processing or information processing where you can use Chatbot in order to simplify
or in order to automate that inquiry management or even lead generation process. So today I am going explain you how you can
Implement live chat in order to simplify admission process or overall lead regeneration process
associated with educational institution. Chatbot is a program which is artificial intelligently
driven which analyses inquiries or any kind of query entered by the website visitor in
a live chat tool box. So imagine you have an educational institution
and you have your own website and particular prospective students visit your website and
that student is asking about prospectus associated with a particular course. Live chat chatbot will be able to analyze
that information and that can respond to that student based on the query entered by the
student and it can be resolved in an instant manner. So chatbot can help you to eliminate or reduce
telephone enquiries or various email enquiries associated with the admission process as well. So let us try to understand what are the key
advantages associated with chatbot implementation for Educational institution. So chatbot is a mechanism that will help you
simplify handling queries of the prospective students as well as parents. So in a traditional mechanism , without chatbot
students or parents need to do the telephonic call, they need to call the educational institution
phone number and they may need to send an enquiry and if you are using traditional live
chat mechanism then it is not available 24/7. But using chatbot you can manage or you can
resolve the various queries associated with admission cycle instantly and that will also
help you to improve satisfaction level associated with the parents as well as students. Chatbot can help you simplify lead generation
associated with education institution. Imagine you are doing lot of marketing activities
across social media in order to attract students on your website so that students can see the
websites students can explore courses offered by the educational Institution. So chatbot is a program which can intelligently
collect key information like name of the student or even mobile number of the student. So imagine chatbot is asking student to enter
their name as well as mobile number and that will be instantly verified using one-time
password that is sent on the mobile number of the candidate or parents. So after completion of that chatbot inquiry
management. You can easily get list of data of the prospective
students along with their name as well as verified mobile number so you can simplify
your lead generation approach using intelligent chatbot that is deeply integrated with your
website and it will also chat intelligently with those prospective
students in a personalized manner using their location identification or using their perspective
profile or based on kind of pages visited by the prospective student on your website. Chatbot can intelligently respond to those
inquiries, and it can simplify your lead generation mechanism. Chatbots can also help you to simplify overall
online admission process as well. So imagine students are facing some queries
while filling online application form of your Institute on your website. So chatbot can be deeply integrated with application
form so students can directly enter their respective queries within the chatbot and
based on artificial intelligence driven mechanism chatbot can easily analyze query associated
with the student and chatbot can scan through all the Frequently Asked Question by the respective
students and chatbot can instantly respond to that query then and there itself. so that student will not face any kind of
difficulties while filling application form making online payment associated with respect
to admission form. So to conclude chatbot is a mechanism that
will help you to simplify your lead generation approach, or it will also help you to simplify
query resolution associated with admission cycle or any particular educational institution
event. So do you want to integrate intelligent chatbot
with your website? we have been working with some of the leading educational institution
as well as the universities in order to simplify their inquiry management as well as simplification
of admission process using intelligent chatbot integration within their website. So if you would like to understand or if want
to have a demonstration of intelligent chat bot, you can connect with us for the demonstration
purposes. We are available for the demo. Thank you for watching this video. So if you’d like to have more such videos
make sure you subscribe to our social media channels. so that whenever we are going to release such
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