Charles Proxy Debugging for Software Testing

hey guys in this video we are going to
talk about just proxy let’s start what is just proxy charts is a web proxy HTTP
proxy and monitor that runs on your own computer your web browser or any device
is then configured to access the internet through Charles and Charles is
then able to record and display for you all the data that is sent and received
in IT terms Charles is the man in the middle all the requests and responses
will passage house proxy and it will show you what is happening behind all
the HTTP calls headers and so on in web and Internet development you are unable
to see what is being sent and received between your web browser client and the
server without the visibility it is difficult and time consuming to
determine exactly where the fault is just makes it easy to see what is
happening so you can quickly diagnose and fix problems for us testers it is
really beneficial to understand the issue sometimes when you find a bug in
the application you need to debug and get more information about it before you
raise the issue by using just proxy you can see what was wrong
imagine you are testing a mobile banking application and send money button
doesn’t work this issue can be a user interface issue which means that
front-end developer needs to fix it or it can be a back-end issue the endpoint
service used by that button can be broken in that case the back-end
developer will fix the issue by using Charles you can see the main issue
behind the user interface in the choice free version we will have 30 minutes
free sessions only it means that you will need to reopen the application
every 30 minutes but don’t worry it’s enough to learn and even work with it
Charles has many different functions for debugging but as testers we will mainly
use a self proxy B of SSL requests and responses in plain text just can act as
a man-in-the-middle for HTTP SL communication enabling you to debug the
content of your HTTP sessions bandwidth throttling to simulate slower internal
connections include latency charge simulates modern CP
by effectively throttling your bandwidth and introducing latency so that you can
experience an entire website as a modern user might and with simulator repeat
request to test backend changes add request to test different inputs
breakpoints to intercept and edit request or responses part two is a
practical session less installer charts procs it together and start practicing
now please open any browser and Google Charles proxy chess is an HTTP proxy
monitored reverse proxy that enables a developer to weeb all the HTTP and SL
HTTPS traffic between their machine and Internet in this page click download if
you use the Windows machine you can choose Windows or Mac Mac version I’m
recording this video on a Mac laptop so I choose Mac click on the file and
complete the install link by clicking agree button after you open the charts
application you can see the main menu charts will immediately listen all the
calls made by your computer to the Internet you can also connect your
mobile device to Charles to see what’s happening behind each website and
application here you can either see the structure or skirts
if you collect this button we will immediately clean what was recorded this
button indicates that Charles is currently recording if we click on it it
was up listening the traffic let’s open a browser to see how it exactly works
let’s Google something as we google you can see on the left side Charles is
already listening all the calls for example for Google if you right click
here and select enable SSL proxy and perform a new code now Google stopped us
because it’s clever to understand that somebody is listening the traffic let’s
drive down the website please go to software testing
masterclass that go here you can see the call which or computer made to the
Internet right click and select enable SL prog
sync now if I try to go any page click advanced proceed Charles stop the call
and ask us if you want to change anything on this request as you can see
to load a page we made a request to Internet
if I click execute now we can see the webpage let’s clean
it and make one more request here we can see what is exactly requests
it’s a get call which we learn in the previous section we can change it to
post put delete or anything and we try to get this page if I change it here and
execute the website will return us from that
fourth chance is really important tool when we test requests to websites and
responses it’s also same for the mobile application
imagine you want test error handling for example you need to test when back-end
responds you 500 in that case we can use Charles and we can edit response to 502
see how the web application responds also here if we check this button it
starts throttling which means it will make connection much slower by using
this you can easily test if your application performs under low internet
connection now again let’s open the website you see it takes much more time
to load the website if when I change the speed you can select proxy and throttle
settings here currently it is 57 kilobytes per second you can change it
to whatever you want it’s really hard to test different negative test cases
I’ll just proxy in almost daily basis it is really important tool for us as
testers and it’s also important to mentioned on your resume that at this
you have a basic knowledge of Charles proxy that’s it thank you very much for
watching and I will see you in next tutorial

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