Character education | Poli theater | You can't pretend to be sick, Spooky

spooky what exactly is wrong with you um I feel sort of coldish but I also feel really hot Wow then I need to take your temperature right away it's more like sort of something stopping on my gaskets really hard what else doesn't feel right spooky well Oh cap what do you have there did you bring me something huh not much just a new red tire that you love oh thank you I'm such a lucky guy and I'm feeling much better now we're getting good at this no kidding and maybe if you guys made up a get-well son I'd feel even better then a million times better if you came to visit me every day all right if you think it'll help uh-huh yeah I think he was just looking for some attention like cleany got when he wasn't well you're kidding he made up his illness come on it's not hard to figure out why he might want to do that you really do get a lot of attention from people when you're sick wait a minute better not have been pretending to be sick that time huh we've stared at time last fall you told me you felt really sick so I did your recycling for you oh yeah and we covered your Patrol for you that day that's right and I sat with you all day to keep you company oh that time suspicious no you can do it like that cold there's nothing to it what's going on in there come on spooky you're the best eat your soup and get some rest what my best plan yet who knew it was this fun being sick you've taken a turn for the worst huh oh we were so worried about you and that's why we called amber and asked her to take you to the ER not the ER oh I think I hear her coming now I'll go and meet her no wood hey I think I'm feeling better now look what I can do you shouldn't be afraid of going to the hospital unless you're just fine you're not faking it right oh no I'm sick of a bad cold you have to go with that bird I'm not going [Applause] [Laughter] huh did you hear that boy help me pull them out of there now right and bro please hurry up I'm almost done thanks everybody no I'm sorry it's my fault for not being honest in the first place you see I was just jealous that cleany got so much attention from everybody what so you pretended to be sick too spooky there's something wrong with you to get attention you know yes I know yep but I know how you feel for real

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