32 thoughts on “Changing Labor leader ‘means nothing’ if election lessons aren’t learnt”

  1. Get some fresh injection instead of the same fkn flogged out dinosaurs of years gone by, sick of the sight of these flogs, at least blokes like Pyne can fk off when they know their time is cooked,labor pfffft the basket case that is

  2. I will never vote Labor so-longs the Far-left remains at the core of the party, LABOR MUST RETURN TO THE BLUE COLLAR WORKERS AND DENOUNCE THE FAR-LEFT WING EXTREMISTS SPECIFICALLY ''THE GREENS''

  3. Albanese is no Bob Hawk and no Paul Keating. He may be a skilled Parliamentarian he's far to left wing for anybody outside inner Sydney or Melbourne. Unlike Hawk and Keating he can't drive a 'broad reformist agenda'. Albo seems fixated on micro reform on radical wealth redistribution. No more Muslim immigration but this will never happen with Albanese. PS I love Peta Credlin.


  5. Still with the biased reporting.. what Australia needs is reporters who actually report on the facts and not what their bosses want them to say..

  6. They will take your freedom away in freedom of speech…this is a secular country not islumic country….which islumic countries have the freedom of speech???? saudi? pakistan? Iran?, Egypt? , Kuwait? turkey?, Qatar? bahrain?….etc??? In pakistan, a Christian lady was sentenced to death for just a speech in which a mild disagreement about islum. Just can't disagree with something about islum in your speech? Do u want that to happen to u and your family? The Christian lady,s family was under attack and death threats and had to hide. Do u heard anything from greenie labour for the lady? In indonesia, a non muslim lady went to the mosque very near to her home just to inform them the prayer calling into the air was too laud in the hope that the mosque could tune the volume smaller but she was arrested and punished…. Can't even make a speech to inform someone about a problem or something? Is that a hate speech by the ladies?? No freedom of speech under them under those greenies.

  7. Sore neck, toothy Albo tried to stop the building of Badgery's Creek Airport and kept bullshitting for 8 years about building his mysterious "VFT" very fast train from Sydney to Melbourne it never happened under his watch.

  8. Now the Liebor pardy will have a real commo as their leader.
    "Africa" drug dealers wife couldn't run and stood down. The convicted husband wouldn't be allowed in the USA and others.

  9. Make no mistake, no matter who Labor elects as leader the philosophy and the policies will remain the same
    They may move to sugar coat their agenda but if they end up getting elected again the cloak will be removed and it will be full bore with their nation destroying policies
    High taxes, huge borrowing, spending like there is no tomorrow on their pet black hole projects of education and climate change, nation destroying closures of fossil fuel power stations and substituting them with inefficient wind mills that blight the countryside and deliver a poofteenth of the peak electricity needed to avert blackouts and keep industy running.
    They will continue with their endless class warfare and taxing those who have been successful or accumulated wealth for their retirement whilst pouring huge amounts into mass immigration from the third world which will ensure our descent into the same sort of hell holes those immigrants came from.
    That is the Labor philosophy and it will remain so.

  10. What if Labor leader is Tony Blair like……..hahahahaha


  11. Anyone with a working brain was, and is, sick to death of hearing about fucking climate change. That's what this election spelt out, clear as day.

  12. Labor policy was to tax people who could least afford it. I don't think they get it yet. People want jobs and they want to get ahead.

  13. Albo thinks a nick name is going to bring the old labor party base back! Have not missed a beat since the weekend still regurgitating the same condescending tripe!

  14. l hope murdoch kicks the bucket soon so we don't have to put up with this stupid bitch , her and Alan Jones who's gay and will not admit it come on Al come out the closet

  15. Seriously this should be a wake up call for labor.
    You lost the election because of some select policies that were horrible.
    Labor should return to their roots, and maybe leave the soy latte politics to the greens

  16. Oh please labour keep him, this is a golden ticket for liberals. God i cant wait to see labour eradicated.

  17. David Speers has just joined the ABC in a vote of confidence for the impartiality of the public broadcaster!

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