CHAMELEONS: Animals for children. Kids videos. Kindergarten | Preschool learning

What’s a chameleon? Just the coolest animal ever! Why because it’s like a lizard with superpowers! Superpowers? Yes it has the ability to change colors this way, it becomes….
invisible! Perfect to bring your pet to class. But ssshhhhhhh! Where they live? Well most to them live on an island called Madagascar, but you
can generally find them where it’s hot. From the rainforest to the desert, they like heat. It’s a shame they only eat bugs… ….imagine how fast they’d eat ice creams
with their extrudable tongue! You know what their other superpower is? They can look in two different
directions at the same time. That’s very handy for
chameleons. They can look for food while climbing
trees with their small tong- like feet. So would you like to have a
chameleon for pet? Yes me too!

16 thoughts on “CHAMELEONS: Animals for children. Kids videos. Kindergarten | Preschool learning”

  1. Thanks Nisha. Make sure you subscribe, and please do let us know what other animals you would like to see. 

  2. There's a common misconception that they change color for camouflage. Their staggered movements mimicking leaves are their best camouflage and they change color more to reflect their mood or to absorb more or less sunlight. Please don't spread this misinformation to small children.

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