Chad Jobe – WINNER – 2019 Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education – Social Equity & Diversity

I can’t think of a more awesome man than
Chad Jobe. Chad’s a coach and he teaches kids how to be a member of a team and he
engages them through adventurous tasks and exciting tasks and he improves
opportunities and life chances of every one of them. We call Chad the kid
whisperer he is awesome and the kids want to be awesome and they want to do
their best he’s been able to bring all of these students together through the
game of volleyball, the students absolutely love Chad. My teaching is based out of the understanding is I’m gonna meet the kids where they’re at,
sometimes you do that with humour, but my end goal is to get the kids sharing their knowledge. Social justice here allows every kid to have a voice and to share their own world experience. We’re not only looking to inform kids but
we’re looking for kids to help come up with solutions. At the end of the day I think that my
energy comes from knowing that I’m making a difference.

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