Certificate For Dog Groomers – The Benefits Of Professional Grooming Certificate

good morning folks this morning for me
here in Los Angeles so I’m saying good morning how are you I
hope you’re doing good my name is George if you ever need me you can reach me at
eight one eight five one two eight one two five I’m in the LA area so please
call me anytime after 8:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time
so anyway you searched for how to get your certification at a pet groomer
become a certified pet groomer here and a pet hygienist this is from online
grooming school calm focus on line grooming school comm do it from the
comfort of your own home you have one year to complete most people finish
between five weeks and two to three months okay and you can do it too just
to show an example I’m going to go here these are all the students that earn
certification from us this year globally not just the US all over the world I’m
going to show you a couple of one let’s say here’s a hygiene certificate so
let’s open it certificate of pitaya Jane that’s what
you will learn is from our master roomers Academy that’s our parent
company that’s one and then you also will earn a certified pet groomer to 200
hours certificate of performing right your name goes here and master groomers
Academy is the one issuing the certificate let’s go back here this is
very simple now we have a special for plan a and B for 248 but folks we have a
plan a same thing you can study you can become a certified pet groomer certified
dog groomer for as low as 148 so just sign up what are you waiting for
the lessons are great if you’re already a groomer you need a certificate come to
us take your test upload your five pictures that’s all we require
five pictures before and after take your final test right here this is the login
here your members area those of you who are wanting to learn here are this folks we teach you everything there is a
curriculum there’s instructions you’ll you’ll learn everything you need to know
about that so if we go back visit online room is cool calm today and yeah you
know what you can take a free test drive here and you can get to download our
ebook my dog grooming guide for free five hundred pages okay folks all the
best to you take care http://www.onlinegroomingschool.com Looking for a grooming certificate near you? Groomer certificate and grooming certificate are all the same. The benefits of being a certified dog groomer is much better to gain a customer’s confidence in you. You could be the best groomer in the world but without a certificate, people might not trust you. Want to become a certified dog groomer?

Are You Looking for a Dog Grooming Certification Near Me Where can I find City & Guilds dog grooming courses near me

Certified dog groomer near me

Our education gives the student the education and experience needed to become a successful Certified Dog Groomer.

Certified Dog Groomer course This course is taken at your own speed. Once finished you’ll become a certified pet groomer and a certified pet hygienist.

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