Center for Professional Education Small Business Program

So be it known that here as, the partnership between the University of Texas Center for Professional Education and the City of Austin’s 19 year old Small Business Program recognizes these local entrepreneurs for their efforts to increase their own business knowledge and acumen. [music] I signed up for the courses because the reputation of the City of Austin and the University of Texas made me believe they would make a difference in my business. I want to become more proficient in things like finances, accounting, marketing, social media and the Small Business Program has all of those classes available at a very reasonable price. Graduates, congratulations! You have worked hard and now you have the tools to take your business to the next level. Our partnership with the University of Texas Professional Education supports the growth of new and existing businesses with classroom education covering in demand topics like accounting, marketing and even business plan writing. The program really exceeded my expectations. I thought that there would just be a few people that were experts, or counted as experts in the community but what I actually got were professors from U.T. and A.C.C that had been teaching these classes for years and were offering a program that was a distillation of the classes that they’re offering at a university level. They offered all the tools that I needed as a self-employed business owner to be able to expound on, to connect with the community to learn about other people’s businesses
and to help them grow as well. [music] I’m an artist and I’m really going to use these entrepreneurial skills to both benefit our non-profit but also benefit myself as my own business as an artist. I would highly recommend checking out the courses that the City of Austin and the University of Texas offer. I can’t say enough about what they have done to help me and this program. [music]

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