Celebrating 100 years of The School Magazine

The School Magazine is turning 100 in 2016 and I think it’s an amazing success. It has evolved with the time. If you look at The School Magazine 100 years ago and you look at it now, it’s very much been developed to accommodate the 21st century. Congratulations to The School Magazine for reaching this milestone. It has to have done a great job to have come this far. One of the most important reasons that The School Magazine has endured is its quality. The thing I like best about The School Magazine is the poems because they’re really interesting. Robot School is the best thing because it’s really fun to read. I like the comics because they’ve got Cyber Squad and Robot School and everything. I think it’s been able to be an engaging resource throughout its long history. Well when I think about The School Magazine I think about the importance of quality stories and their images. The magazine has continued to be visually rich. If you can create content that children want to pick up and read it will surely help them develop their reading. If a child is not reading widely then the amount of exposure is not huge, and so School Magazine can fill that gap in ways that no other piece of material can, I think. The spirit of it still seems to be there from what I see of the magazine today. I think it’s wonderful now that it’s so accessible more broadly because it’s the only thing like it across Australia. I recommend everyone should get these magazines and read them a lot. You do? Yeah, I recommend it. The School Magazine now still plays an incredibly important role in education and I hope someone in the department is producing material like this for the 200 year celebration sometime down the track. Happy birthday School Magazine!

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