CDC Healthy Schools: Tennessee School Health Successes

– [Narrator] We all
know that eating healthy and exercising is important. But it’s especially important for kids when it comes to their
academic achievement. Why, because research
shows that students perform and behave better in school
when they eat nutritious meals filled with fruits and vegetables, participate in P.E. class,
spend time in recess, are given brief classroom activity breaks, and participate in extra
curricular physical activities. Students can also perform better when school health services are in place to help them manage chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes. CDC Healthy Schools support
state level programs that focus on increasing
the health of youth so they can reach their full potential. – Historically, school
nurses have been in charge of facilitating or conducting
school health screenings, such as vision and
hearing, blood pressure, and body mass index. Thanks to state funding, we were able to expand the
capacity to do these screenings through coordinated school health staff, and by developing community
screening partnerships. All schools in districts use the Tennessee School Health
Screening Guidelines and follow state laws for implementing the screening program, which includes screening all students
in pre-k, kindergarten, second, fourth, sixth, and eighth grades, and one year of high school. By expanding our screening capacity, we were able to screen more
than 70,000 additional students. This has allowed us to, more
quickly, identify students who are at risk for
health related problems that, if not detected and treated, can limit the ability of a child to learn. This initiative has allowed school staff to identify the health concern, and take steps to facilitate
access to health care, in order to improve health
and educational outcomes. – [Narrator] CDC Healthy Schools congratulates the Tennessee
Department of Education for their efforts to
improve the well-being of their students. To learn more about initiatives
happening in your state, be sure to visit the CDC
Healthy Schools website.

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