41 thoughts on “CBS TV Phoenix 5 "U.S. Education vs. China & India"”

  1. What u wanna become " Indian student says – Doctor, scientist, software engineer, what u wanna become American student- ""i don't know..😌 i am gonna watch Game of Thrones tonight.

  2. "Everyone is at Mall" – George Carlin.

    The problem is worldwide, but the developed countries looks more affected. Everyone is on snapchat and instagram and not working hard with ambition towards gaining knowledge and wisdom.

  3. I remember when my 10th grade board results came out. I was ranked 2nd in my state. I was happy and surprised. My mom who is a teacher was more happy than I was. I got 99 in maths and 98 in science. After all the celebrations, she asked me at night "Do you know where those 3 marks got cut from?" I said yes, I know.(In fact I knew those 3 mark mistakes before results) She said "Ok, good. Good night" and went to sleep.

    I have just passed my MBBS degree and currently preparing for post graduation. The point of the story is parents here in India will always push you to be the best you can be. Yes it gets a little annoying sometimes but we keep in mind that they are doing this for us.

  4. My Generation parents leave me to the school, they would say to teachers "If he doesn't study, leave the eyes or head but rip off everything". But this generation is worst

  5. Im a doctor from malaysia…my parents are very strict when it comes to education and im glad that my parents saw the potential in me. They also motivated me to complete my arangetram (diploma) in bharatanatyam. I love my parents with all my heart. My sister is now a family health specialist doctor and my brother is a engineer. Its our way of life. Matha, pitha , guru , deivom – show respect to our mother, father, teacher and the finally to GOD.

  6. This is one of the most critical and important story that America needs to hear. Unfortunately no one will listen and hungry kids from India and China will outwork and out compete our kids. 💯

    It’s time to invest in Education. Vocational courses. Financial literacy. HARNESS the innate talents in STEM.

  7. Indian has everything… we board abroad for a little more money… to raise our middle class family… becasbegan in India family is everything.

  8. Necessity is the mother of inventions. India is hungry of learning many things but our problem is no proper schools, no direction and no proper infrastructure. Or otherwise Indians are hard working bullls.

  9. Bro do u even know indian kids sucide after exams fr nt geting enough marks?
    This is because of over pressure that parents and teachers give.And u see most of the students u ask them wat they wanted to be they replied doctor engineer doctor enjineer…wat abt other great careers? this is because parents and education managment thinks this career only makes difference and earns a lot of money..bull shit ..american education is better than indian education. Peace✌️

  10. in india u may not find quality and discipline but those student are very hardcore studying 8-12 hrs a day inorder to get iit and neets …..indians are not discipline but still they respect the system and never keep hardwork aside its complicated

  11. wrong……………..tough scheduled studying will never produce innovators … only good hard working employees

  12. India and China are the perfect example of democracy and socialist economy respectively. They both are investing huge in education and physical health.

  13. I TELL U WAT, AMERICA AND THE WORLD NEEDS "George Carlin"- NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND – The problem with education today? George Carlin nailed it years ago.

  14. I can't help but think that if he were asking school kids what they wanted to be, whilst touching their shoulder, that would be the news story, not the children's answers. The 1st world has lost focus on the big picture, getting caught up on people's sensitivities, complaints and all the while walking on egg shells defending political correctness!

  15. We don't hate Americans we hate it when you become racist ….otherwise we Indians love every culture.❤

  16. These are all side issues. It is just the lack of will. There can never be any shortage of ocean, there can only be a shortage of fish. Speaking only for myself, I can honestly say, I have never lacked in the ability to be excellent, but always lacked in the desire to excel. Learning has nothing to do with competition, and self improvement is a good thing. By this I mean there is never any lack of resources, just the lack of individuals with the desire and the will to put those resources to good use.

  17. n order to stop brain drain in India, our govt. need to value us, the
    ground level researchers! the money is so bad here, most talented people
    go out in order to earn what they deserve.

  18. We in India call those additional school that he mentioned as coaching centres and we have them for 6-8 hours(but it's on both Saturday and Sunday) Eg fitjee starts from 6th till 12th grade of our schooling years

  19. Infrastructure is good in U.S. but it's degraded culture that is hurting.they give priority to money n want to b basketball player or musicians .another factor is family culture of encouragement n support which is lacking as too many divorced.also teen age pregnancy n school drop outs.most importantly lack of discipline n respect for teachers.too much freedom is as bad as lack of freedom.

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