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CBE—Life Sciences Education (ISSN 1931-7913)
is an online, quarterly journal owned and published by the American Society for Cell
Biology, with funding from Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The journal publishes peer-reviewed articles
on life sciences education research and evidence-based practice at the K-12, undergraduate, and graduate
levels. One goal of the journal is to encourage teachers
and instructors to view teaching and learning the way scientists view their research, as
an intellectual undertaking that is informed by systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation
of data related to student learning. Target audiences include those involved in
education in K-12 schools, two-year colleges, four-year colleges, science centers and museums,
universities, and professional schools, including graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. All published articles are available freely
online without subscription. In addition, published articles are indexed
in PubMed and available through PubMed Central. In 2013, the Genetics Society of America and
American Society for Cell Biology announced an editorial partnership to collaborate on
the publication of journal

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