Casting Crowns – The Bridge (Mark Hall Teaching Video)

My son JM just turned 20 and for his birthday we took a trip to New York and we saw all the sites and did all the fun stuff you do in town but we went and saw a concert, very popular band, huge crowd, and we had great seats and there was so much energy in the room and so much being said, and I was surprised by how much positivity there was in all of the music And as he kept going, he got to a point where he was sharing a little bit of his story but he said to the crowd “in love” – and I could see it on his face he said “you feel that you’re broken but you’re not”, he said “you are not broken, you’re perfect just like you are” and the crowd just roared – and it was such a warm feeling in the room. And all I could think was how beautiful that moment was but it just wasn’t true. And I thought, there are people out there in that room who just felt ‘I’m going to be okay just like I am’. And you know what, we’re all broken, we’re all a mess, and for some reason in our generation we feel that we’re either going to have to tell people the truth or we’re going to love them. And to tell them the truth we’re going to have to get in their face and tell them what they don’t want to hear But if we love people, we’re just going to step back and let people do what they do and let things happen and just love them where they are. Jesus didn’t ever do that. Jesus never spoke the truth without love, and he never loved someone without telling them the truth. He never told a broken person that they were whole, because that’s not love. Everything Jesus ever said or did was totally against the modern culture He was surrounded by, but everything that Jesus ever said or did was totally for people It can be done. We feel in church that if we love someone by telling them “look you’re running off of a cliff right now, you need to stop”, that’s viewed as judgement and that’s just not in the Bible Jesus spoke to people where they lived and he loved them in a way that they were ready to hear the truth. Even if it meant big costs to them. He saved a woman from being stoned, but then he said “Go and sin no more, I don’t condemn you, but you can’t keep walking in this” Loves earns the right to speak the truth, but truth proves that you really love. And in the song “The Bridge”, what I’m trying to communicate is that we need to have bridge building relationships with the world. I think the world has become very educated as to what the church is against but they’re not real sure what we’re for And I think that most people who have a problem with god, don’t have a problem with God It’s what someone at church said about God. It’s what someone at church told them that God thought of them. And I think at times maybe its ‘sin-envy’, maybe it’s the fact that I can’t scratch all of those itches anymore and I’m trying to follow Jesus and they’re out there, these people are out their getting to live their lives and do what they want and it makes me mad at the world. Is it ‘sin-envy’ that makes me want to throw swords in the form of words and tweets at a world that’s bleeding out already? Or can I let God break my heart for people and see that people never were the enemy, the enemy fools people into the things that they do. So as I draw closer to Jesus, I want to see people like Jesus does and I want to meet people like Jesus met me. And we do that by living a life that meets people where they are, loves them where they are, but speaks truth when it’s time to speak truth.

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  1. The world is in such a sorry state , we need Jesus, praise our Lord and Savior !!!! Jesus!!!
    When he comes back we all have to choose , against the world and for Jesus!!! The everlasting !!!!!!

  2. My husband and me, we love your new album and your song „The Bridge“ – we will sing it to our Community with our churchband. Thanks for your GREAT Songs!!!! ❤️🌺👏 and thanks to the lord who rescues and loves every single one of us 😊❤️

  3. Amen!!
    Took me a long time to realize that Jesus only wants a relationship with us. And I always said I am so broken, I can't be loved. But Jesus loves me regardless….and the true people who love me, will accept and love me with my brokenness that is beautifully held together by our Lord. 💞

  4. You are soo right! In our world today, speaking the truth=judging. If only we would listen to the voice of truth and be set free!

  5. Casting Crowns I love your songs and music the anointing of the Holy Spirit flows through it. These days it seems people love ones honesty ( which is quite rare ) until your honest with them in love. Keep up the good work you will one day be rewarded according there unto.

  6. I'm going through tough times
    Trust me after hearing this
    I feel light
    I thank God for having people like you in this Earth

  7. God bless you Casting Crowns ministering an worship! That's what love is as being truthful I finally realize that I'm being alone by myself all the time people don't realize the positively really can be for a person also for God to work in your life and make it in for you to see the truth that he loves us he gave his only begotten son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the son of God Messiah Jesus one about and letting people know how much you love Love's Us too tell us the truth I rather have them tell me the truth out of his love I need him he's my everything I need you to die for all of us by his stripes we are healed as he's giving us life eternity with him in the Kingdom of Heaven is mentioned every day same as face everyday you know and talkin with his love is perfect. Jude Law for that he has for us is truly amazing for he is he is the truth the light in the way the one and only boots by the power of His Holy Spirit and who we are in Christ I love you all my brothers and sisters in Christ everyone has a wonderfully blessed day God bless too everyone ♡


  9. Yes!! I'm so happy to see a popular Christian band say these words! We need more like you!! Thanks, Mark, for saying what needs to be said.

  10. Thank you. How many times do we need to hear it or read it in the bible that you'r e not really even any good until you're broken and remade by Jesus?

  11. Sure I'm "broken". I Iive in a broken world. "I'm not OK, you're not OK, but that's OK, because God loves us anyway." — Ken Davis
    💓Toni O'Brien
    Ready Writer 📝

  12. Hello Band. Before I was born, my twin sister died. When I was 2, my dad left. When I was 10, I was sent to the ER with a laceration on the right side of my head. When I was 12, my sister ran away. When I was also 12, I almost lost the ability to walk. When I was 14, I developed depression, suicidal thoughts and actions. In 6 months, I attempted suicide 73 times. When I turned 15 in 2018, I became a song writer, a motivational speaker and a streamer. This past June, I decided to go into the mission feild. 647 lives stand for what I do. And I love changing people for good. Your songs Just Be Held and Only Jesus have encouraged me so much. Thank you for showing me God is always with me. My song Sitting Here Wishing is written about my twin sister. And the chorus goes,
    Only if I could go back. Spend those 9 months with you again. Hoping we both come out alive. Hoping we can spend more time together.
    Thank you for helping me become a song writer

  13. Hallelujah. It is lovely. I have been thinking about the same thing over and over again. We shouldn’t just love because somewhere in the bible it says we should but we should love because we are the express image of God.

  14. Hi casting crown i really wanna express my thought to you…..your song the bridge you sang, when I listened to it I was amazed why? This is because you sang what I was thinking of and about to write the 7days before I heard your song the bridge I was so touched that you were expressing what I was about to write…hmm truly God wanna use lot of people to speak the truth please I which to chat with this is my number +2348101342009


  16. You are one of the few good leaders who teaches the truth and who shows people who God really is because I believe that God is with you and is doing great things in your life. I would love to meet you guys someday thank you for serving our Lord Jesus Christ than living a life leading people away in lies

  17. Casting Crowns thank you for the amazing things you do for us. I'm learning a lot through your songs and advise.

  18. How can a broken person fully accept a word from someone who is not broken themselves? If you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, how can someone who barely make ends meet to feed their child truly appreciate your support. Have you ever been in my shoes? (I do not mean "you" as any one in particular.) We are blessed being broken so that we can help others who are broken. Thank you Lord for my brokenness. May it be a gift to share with others of brokeness. Together, loving each other, the Holy Spirit will work miracles. Much love my brothers and sisters in Christ.

  19. I appreciated you saying:”Just bcc sone says Ur okay,” UrNOTokay. SO-so-true. ThatS cotton-candy Christianity

  20. Everytime your newest album comes out I think to myself 'this is the best album yet.' and it is, until the next one.
    This album and accompanying set of teachings is so awesome and has so profoundly effected my life that I have shared it with so many people already. I even created a playlist conbining the visual album with the teachings in the order you presented them.
    To the rest of you, if you have not checked out the Casting Crowns visual album … all I can say is that it is a touching and compelling presentation.

    Thanks guys.
    Such a blessing!

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