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  1. A casket is a waste of money and only benefits the mortuary. It is all based on guilt and sorrow. What a scam. I saw the egregious amount my mom and her siblings spent on my grandfather’s casket in 1971 and vowed, there and then, to be cremated. I have told my family to not put me in any expensive box and put in the ground. Just spread my ashes somewhere and flip the mortuary home the bird. My funeral will be cheap, Spend the money at the wake after the memorial service.

  2. My grandmother told me, "It's not the cough that carries you off. It's the coffin they carry you off in." She was a funny soul.

  3. The funeral industry needs to be reformed. The mark-up on caskets is obscene. Too many funeral directors use the business model and sales tactics of cars salesmen when they should be in the business of caring for the grieving process of surviving family members. The inflationary prices of funeral services suggest that the entire business is set up to exploit the grief of the deceased's family. Embalming is far too widely used in instances where it isn't at all necessary, despite it being environmentally hazardous. I say it is high time to tear down the entire industry and redesign it as an extension of the healthcare professions, incorporated into end-of-life care and designed around the psychological needs of mourners, first and foremost.

  4. dontate to a medical university we did U of FL,,,,,,use body to learn cremate nice box to your family in 5 to 8 months memoral brick,,,,or they will scatter allll at no charge, Trad cremation is 800 to 1200 depending card board box 100 that's what I did for my brother and stayed pushed the button the whole time, 800 with 12 cert death cert two smaller urns let me stay wiping him ears nose for over 4 hours why oven heated changed the blanket,,,,,,very personal very caring,,,,so now we face my other brother just was found 16 weeks dead state is taking it, I have no connection to the family,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but did get state to take him, Free

  5. Thanks for making these types of videos. I am very interested in this subject. I am the kind of person that doesn't worry about much. kinda roll with the punches kind of person except for when it comes to this. I am obsessed with what will happen to my body when I'm gone. It even seems a little silly to me too, but I just can't help it.anyway , thanks for the videos

  6. its all vanity you should be very concerned about what happens the minute you die. are you prepared too meet God face too face. pretty sure your not thinking about a $7000.00 plus box in the ground. just saying:)

  7. No mention of the liner absorbing fluids during decomposition. Do they absorb odor? Are cameras and lights an option to view decomposition above ground?

  8. In a nut shell why don't you just tell people that you're going to take advantage of their vulnerability for as much money as possible. Why does a body need a mattress?

  9. Sealing caskets such a scam! The seal is going to crack and dry and warp lol Decomposition is happening inside nothing you can do about it cant stop it. The seal will be blowen when the pressure builds lol nothing can stop it just slows it even embalming wont stop it

  10. OK, I learned something, likely not what you intended. I am now retired and I worked my whole life in the metal workng industry. I have known gauge for sheet metal since the start but never heard the reference to how many sheets in a inch. This makes the gauge a logical system. I have always just used the thickness in thousandths of an inch. Brass and bronze are a much more expensive material per pound and is most often sold by weight so it is not abnormal to have the thickness related to cost per pound.

  11. You don't want to have a 'sealed' casket. As your body decomposes gas from your gut increases and if there's no air for the gas to escape, the body explodes and oozes fluid. you want a non sealed casket.

  12. Also a "sealed" casket is a SCAM!!! They are charging you 100s of dollars for a $8 strip of rubber which over time will crack and dry out and LEAK.

  13. She said she doesn't want us to buy a cheap casket. Of course she doesn't!! She wants us to spend spend spend!! Smh. I don't have plans of being buried but if I did I'd build my own casket. Screw spending that crazy money

  14. I don't care for a political 'impeach' ad on a funeral site. I stopped and didn't even watch the vid because of it.

  15. Tip. Do not pay the extra for a sealed casket. The gasket costs them 9 bucks and they can charge up to a 1000 bucks more. It eventually rotts. So its not worth it.

  16. NEVER..NEVER…EVER purchase a casket from a FH, you can order one at SAMS Club or Costco at 20% the cost at the FH and the FH MUST receive by law and use your own casket.

  17. I'm just going to be put in a card box and cremates but on the side of the box, I want this printed in big black letters I TOLD YOU I WAS SICK !!!!

  18. What if you are on fixed income, no savings, no life insurance and family can't help with funeral costs…..what then does the state an /or county do with your dead body?

  19. Why can't I try out a casket? I wanted to be certain I would be comfortable, but was told it's against the law. I need a firm mattress so I would need firm support. Is there a legal manner to gauge comfort? I hope this question isn't really crazy to answer.

  20. No Casket is water proof period!! Do not let them lie to you. You are better to spend more on the Burial Vault than the Casket. A good vault will keep most water out.

  21. Im going stop doing remodel work and make custom caskets,,,AND YEA ILL KNOCK LOTS OF U OVERCHARGING ASSHOLE'S OUT OF BUSINESS LOL

  22. Another item I question is why for the inner fabric & linen typically white or light beige? With many exhumations, above or below ground, these linens are completely stained from decomposition of the remains. Some are so unsightly, it's the exact opposite of what I call "angelic"!
    I'd rather my interior be comprised of black linen & lace or perhaps a dark paisley design. I know we're meant to not be exhumed. Internment is meant to be permanent but it's not always the case.
    It's just my own opinion they should offer more types, textures & colors of the interior, which shrouds the corpse, once the casket is closed.
    Those snow white interiors become an unsightly mess once we begin to rot.

  23. Why didn't you discuss outer casket vault liners? Those are poplular. They add further protection so the casket doesn't collapse or breach from the weight above it. It encapsulates the casket itself.

  24. The mob tends to plant the deceased in the trunk of a Cadillac, which used to get parked the Jersey Meadowlands, but these days it'd be crushed in the scrapyard and containered to China or Bangladesh, maybe even Japan for recycling. This is the 'green' option.

  25. Keep my grave about 100 feet from the cesspool, but I don't really need more than that, I'll be dead, so comfort won't be a problem. Church funeral Mass probably means the casket should be strong enough to carry a 200 + pound cadaver plywood should be fine. The human body is mostly water, so waterproof isn't a concern.

  26. There’s no such thing as a ‘moisture barrier’ 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  27. Their for the living to make the family spend as much of that insurance money as they can I worked in a funeral home for years and I cant began to tell you how many times I had to put on this false personality with the loved ones left behind as is i really cared about they loved one and their time of grieving example: yea I understand what your going through, I know it's hard I'm here for you, by the way you said u wanna go with this this this or this casket other words im playing against the families pain to get their money when they leave I say yep another one bites the dust and move to the next one the body gonna float in the casket either way seal or not

  28. I want to go of this world the same way I came into it. I want to be buried naked. But a friend of mine says it is illegal
    Is that true?

  29. Can one still buy a traditional 6 sided coffin in the U.S.? I definitely prefer a simple coffin to a modern casket.

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