Cash for College Promo 2019

[ Music ]>>Cash for College is
an opportunity to learn about financial aid
and opportunities where you can literally get
the resources to go to college.>>It’s important that there
are people helping one on one to answer the questions. And even if they don’t
have a perfect answer, they will get someone to
have a more accurate answer.>>A lot of people
look at the system. They look at the FAFSA form. They look at, you know, navigating the system
as a challenge. And there’s a structure
there to help you. [ Speaking Spanish ]>>They have a lot
of different kinds of information, the staff here. They are really willing to
provide all the information that people are looking for.>>I feel like they were
really helpful to me in my application process.>>Even if you feel like
you don’t have questions, but the information that comes up in the actual seminar
provides answers to questions that you didn’t know
that you had.>>It was helpful. I think I could’ve
done it by myself but with a lot more struggles. So I think going to this
workshop really made it easy and clear, and I can understand
what I’m applying for.>>With the opportunity
for PCC and other schools around the state to help
you navigate the system, the message is take advantage
of that because you don’t want to look back 20 years
from now and say, I wish I would’ve done X.
Today’s the day to learn about what X’s and what boxes
you need to check and how to navigate the system. [ Music ]

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