Casey Litton – FINALIST – 2019 Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education – Community Engagement

I’ve watched Casey turn kids into
passionate caring human beings around the environment. When students can engage in the health of our watersheds in our communities, they feel empowered, and they become passionate about where they live, and how they want to move forward
with their lives as as they take charge of their future. He’s opened the door for
these kids to get out into the natural world, and experience biology for
themselves. To me, as an educator, you’re going, it’s not just giving these
students these opportunities, but it’s allowing them to feel success. I think that’s one of Casey’s best traits, is that he’s able to see what students are
actually passionate about, and sort of feed their education based on that, so this has been a huge passion project for me I’ve been able to spend more time out here than I have in the classroom, and that’s been instrumental to who I am as a person. What gets me excited is when I can help the students find the things that empower them to move through life with joy.

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