Case teaching with Ulf Schäfer

the cases can enlighten the theory that we have in management case can bring in some sense of reality and some practical reasoning into the classroom management is as much an art as it is a science and cases can help us to get the balance right so no way you want to be with the case where you want to end up in the case discussion but secondly be flexible you never know how the case discussion is going to be developing and it's important that you're flexible enough to make sure that what the participants are saying is integrated into the case discussion and third remind yourself always that it is about the participants learning and not about yourself and reaching the objective of the session the case Sitra is facilitating the session is making sure that the objectives of the sessions are going to be reached at the end of the session and is helping the participants to find a discussion among each other to exchange thoughts and ideas it depends sometimes students are not participating and we instructors believe they're bored or they're not interested that might not be the case I had to learn that sometimes participants were quiet but they're still following what's going on so give it a chance that is just a bit more on the introvert side on the other hand if you figure out after a long time that people are not participating you might want to find action in order to bring them in so there are some techniques cold-calling is quite a harsh one but could also sense in breaks what people are thinking about what they care about and approach them on the topics that are important for them so in the more subtle way of getting them into the case discussion at some point you might just approach the student thank them for how they are contributing to the overall discussion but it's also okay then to tell them that they should keep it a bit slower and that you want to focus on having a discussion with others typically people will react to such a feedback and will be quieter over the course of the of the session and when you need to get them back to the action you can always approach them they're willing to to come back into the discussion

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