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  1. ➡︎ ENGLISH WORDS SCRIPT ⬅︎ (Colour Cartoon Cars Pyramid)
    Here is a red ring. And here is a blue ring. These rings are for a pyramid!… We have a BIG red ring and a small blue ring.
    One ring is big and one ring is small.
    This big ring is very heavy. We can't move it. But we can easily roll this small one. See?
    Look who has arrived to help move the big red ring. It's our friend the yellow excavator! It's easy for him!
    Oh, look! Three of the friendly Colour Cars are carrying other pretty colour rings!
    Hey, why don't we build a pyramid!? Hey crane, will you help us?
    Orange, yellow, green, blue.
    Red, orange, yellow, green, blue.
    Hmmm, what do you think should be at the top of our pyramid?
    Great! Yes, thanks little car! That blue cap piece is perfect!
    Well done everyone! What a beautiful pyramid we built with the help of the cars! Why don't you also try to build one like this too? Hey, remember to subscribe for find out when we have more great videos!

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  3. английский для самых маленьких. Это так легко ! спасибо 4 машинки!

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