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Hi my friends! How are you today? Would you like to join me in one exciting
adventure? Ok. Let’s go! I’m going to take a part in a city’s racing
today! And of course, I’d like to win! I couldn’t decide for a long time what car
should I take. It has to be light, not big, and very fast. So, after some time I chose Fiat! Here it is, look. I’m going to upgrade it a bit, and it will
be real racing car! Here we go! It’s done. How do you like it? I painted the car in bright green color, added
nice stickers – it should help to see the car on the road. I also installed a big spoiler and changed
the engine to the more powerful one. Now I am ready for the race!!! The car is full with petrol – ready to go! It’s time to start!!! Let the best man win!!! (With delight) I’m on my way now! I worry a bit because of other participants
– they can be better drivers. But I need to try anyway! It’s been my dream for a long time. So I have to GO FOR IT!!! Wow!!! This racing should be interesting! Just take a look at those beautiful cars:
bright-red Audi TT and sport car Chevrolet Camaro right near me. (Thinking) All my competitors are serious…. (Secretly) But I have some secret button – when
I press it, my car will go extremely fast. This is nitrogen, which will allow my car
fly like a lighting! I can’t wait to test it….. Now all participants are warming up their
engines! Can you here the roar of engines??! Wow!!! Let’s go my friends!!! Ready, set, go!!!! Look at that Audi is shooting ahead! And the Chevrolet overtakes it! Ok. I’m going to outrace the Chevrolet, sorry! But I have to win! Here is the first task! We have to disperse on the springboard and
jump over the truck! Wow! It must be cool! I’ve never done anything like this! But it’s fine! Go ahead! Hooray!
(jumping) Wow! It’s cool! My car is great! Stood the test! But that Renault didn’t take a risk to jump. Pity! His racing is over now. Ok. We should go on! Wow! One more task. We have to drive over the bridge and try not
to hit any marks. And we cannot decrease speed! It was much easier to jump over the truck…..(exhaled
breath) Ok. Let’s get started! Audi is going to be the first – let’s
see it’s result. Great job!!! Now my turn…….Great!!! Oops. What happened with Chevrolet?! (disappointed) Lost the control of the car
and bumped into the bridge. Pity! He was really a worthy opponent! Now only Audi and I continue the race. The finish is coming soon. I still cannot outrace this red racing car. Keep fallowing it and see only it’s rear
bumper in front of me… I feel sad that I coped with two difficult
tasks but cannot cope with some Audi… Look how fast it is going! What can I do?! Oh! (sighing)…
(darkly/mysterious) Oh, wait… I almost forgot…. I have secret thing! Press the button – and GO! Fast like a wind! The nitrogen is helping me to get the super
speed!!! Wow! Go…Go! Here we go! I did it! Bye bye Audi!!! (Standing on the pedestal) Hooray my friends! I won the race! I managed to finish first! It wasn’t easy – but I did it! Thanks a lot for your support! We had great adventure! But a lot of new adventures are still waiting
for us! See
you soon! Bye my friends!

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