Carol Defehr – FINALIST – 2019 Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education – School Leadership

Carol exemplifies all of those
qualities that we associate with someone who’s a strong leader, but I think
Carol’s difference is that she just brings her A-game every day. She brings
an energy into the building that just permeates the entire building. I’ve really seen students foster great relationships with administration. Now
they’re like, ‘yes momma’s gonna hear I went to the office’ and it’s such a
change in attitude to the approach of school which is so nice. She has never forgotten that she’s an educator and everything just spirals
back to learning in the building what is best for the students. I am so lucky that I get to celebrate with kids every single day I love that I get to
transform education, I get to look at kids and ensure that they are being
treated with dignity they have purpose when they come to our
building and they have options when they leave us.

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