4 thoughts on “Carnivores! Learning Carnivore Animals for Kids”

  1. I Know what are carnivores animal that eat meat
    The Carnivores Are Lion Tiger leopard Cheetah Jaguar Cat Dog Ferret Komodo Dragon Shark Baboon Badger otter Raccoon
    Wolf Puma Cougar
    Hyena Weasel
    Meerkat Mongoose
    Vulture Hawk Owl Eagle Ocelot
    Polar Bear Bobcat Lynx Coyote Fox Jackal Alligator Crocodile Caiman
    Snake Turtle piranha

  2. 1. Alligator
    2. Bear
    3. Cheetah
    4. Dolphin
    5. Fox
    6. Hawk
    7. Komodo Dragon
    8. Lion
    9. Lynx
    10. Orca
    11. Owl
    12. Seal
    13. Tiger
    14. Vulture
    15. Walrus
    16. Wolf.

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