CAREERS IN BA PSYCHOLOGY – MA,P.hD,Psychologist,Job Opportunities,Salary Package

Hi guys..This is Pooja from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in B.A Psychology B A in psychology is a three year full time
graduate degree. It means bachelors in arts of psychology. Psychology is a branch of science
which studies the mental and social behavior of humans and animals.
The students who pursue BA Psychology have to study the subjects like Industrial psychology,
organizational psychology, Research methods and psychology testing, child and adolescent
psychology, abnormal psychology, general psychology,developmental psychology, statistics etc. Students seeking admission in this bachelor’s degree in psychology must have cleared their
plus two in any field, but with minimum 50% score in all subjects. After completing B
A psychology, one is not entitled to be a psychologist In order to obtain specialization,
one has to do a master’s or doctorate in psychology. The students with a BA Psychology
degree are given entry level jobs or can also work in human or social services division. A graduate in this degree can get a job in private industries, schools & colleges, clinics,
government agencies, hospitals, health centers, the rehabilitation sector, in the administrative
department as an assistant. One can also get preference in the field of psychology of international
relations. The areas one can get placed are as follows:
• Welfare organizations • Rehabilitation centers
• Youth guidance centers • Research establishments
• Advertising industry • Career counselors
• Psychiatric Technician • Case management
• Sales • Marketing
• Social services The B A Psychology degree gives students an
insight for understanding the human mind and behavior. This helps them to be a good candidate
for the jobs that requires good communication skills and interpersonal skills. A person
is also exposed to the amount of research and writing work. So, his skill is useful
for getting jobs as a case worker, business manager, library assistant, probation officer
and so on. The masters or doctorate in psychology gives
people a chance to focus on specialization one wants to get. In order to work as a psychologist
in any clinic or hospitals, it is vital for a person to have a license. A person can also
get board certification from organizations like American board of professional psychology,
American Academy of Clinical Psychology, in order to get expertise in a field of excellence. The starting salary of a person with B A In psychology gets a minimum of Rs 8000 – Rs
10,000 per month. The income of a person varies from one person to another on factors like
experience, training, qualification and specialization. In industrial sectors or in the corporate
houses the income can be more. A graduate in this field can also opt for teaching as
a profession in colleges and universities Colleges in India that offer this course are as follows:
• A P J College of fine arts • B. J. B. Autonomous College
• Bethune College • Christ university, Bangalore
• D.A.V College, Siwan • Fergusson College, Pune
• Marwai College, Ranchi • Solapur university
• St. Xavier’s college • Union Christen college
• University of science and technology, Meghalaya
• St. Peter’s University, Chennai • Sree Narayana College To know more about this career course, log
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  1. hi…one of my frnd is an MBBS student. but he is intrested in doing many graduate degrees. is it possible to do psychology while continuing his mbbs degree.

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  9. I m from mumbai and i m doing part majors in psychology ..what shlld i do further…what options do i have??

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