Career Tech in Ohio – What is Career Tech Education (CTE)?

(upbeat music) – Career Tech is an opportunity for young people that
is going to give you that basic skillset to go
out into the workforce, but beyond that it’s
also setting you up for future training whether
that’s additional credentials or even going on to a
two or four year degree to pursue that
dream that you have. Ohio is looked at
as a great model of Career Tech delivery
for the United States. (upbeat music) – We don’t want to think of
it as just school anymore. This is real-world
training and we run all of our programs like that. – In a Career Tech high
school you’re gonna be able to enter the workforce sooner
doing what you want to do. It gives you an accelerated path and that’s an opportunity
that, I think, a lot of Career
Tech schools offer but not a lot of the general
populous knows about. (upbeat music) – [Ron ] Career Tech means
that you’ve made a choice, you want to give yourself
a competitive advantage over your peers. – I’ve wanted to be a
police officer ever since I was a little girl, I
come to school every day and I learn everything a real
police officer would learn. We get to carry
like our duty belts, and we get to practice like
push roll stops outside. We have two police cars here
that we could practice with. I couldn’t have been
a corrections officer
coming right out of high school,
couldn’t have been a private security
officer, we leave here with private security
certification, so you can be a private security officer
anywhere in the state of Ohio. There’s no doubt in my
mind when I come out of this school I got
the best education here. (upbeat music) – [Ron] What we ought to
be about in Career Tech and what we are about is
that we want kids to leave with that high school
diploma in their hand and in the other hand
they’ve got credentials, they’ve got skillsets, they’ve got potential
job opportunities that they walk out the door with that they can go
into any employer and be ready to be a great
employee for that company, as well as a great citizen
for the state of Ohio. (piano music)

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