Career Tech in Ohio – College Prep in Career Tech Education (CTE)

(bubbling electronic music) – [Announcer] Career Tech
is an outstanding pathway to college because of programs, not only here at PENTA,
but across the state. Other Career Tech providers where students can leave
their high school lab, and maybe they walk
out with 6, 8, 10, 12, 18 college credits all ready in their hip pocket that are on a transcript
at a university. – Year after year we
are seeing more and more Career Tech kids
going out to college. We let them know frequently
that this is not the end, so we recommend
you do go ahead and continue on with
your certifications. There’s no better way
to do that than through a two-year school or a
four-year institution. – For my future, I’d
very much like to start in forensic
pathology, and from there, I’d like to go all
the way up through my doctorate in
genetic engineering and hopefully become
a professor someday. – The students that
we get are interested, they’re engaged, and they
love being in a program that they’ve chosen. – [Yarin] You are able to
get out into the workforce before you graduate high school. You’re able to start earning
money and saving money, so that way when you
do get to college, if you don’t want to pursue
the same Career Tech field, you can pay your way
through college a lot faster and you don’t come out
with nearly as much debt as you would just normal
high school, college, or wherever you go from there. – I can see this is
what I want to do. Now I know what I want
to go to school for. A lot of the companies,
especially in my field, they are totally
willing to offer to pay for some of your schooling. My company has
even offered to pay for most of the schooling
for my [Inaudible]. What’s nice about that is
I can use that schooling and I can [inaudible] getting
my associate’s [inaudible]. – What we can do to set
students up for success while they’re in high school, with not only the training,
the work experience, but those college credits,
is a huge advantage, a huge competitive
advantage for students that go through Career Tech. When you walk across
that high school stage and get that diploma,
you have more options available to you
as opposed to less. (bubbling electronic music)

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