Career quiz – High school age

When my kids were little they had some interesting
ideas about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Drive a train, be an astronaught,
I think one of them even wanted to be a giraffe at one point.
As they get older some kids are lucky enough to know what they really want to do in the future.
But a lot of other kids have no idea at all. In fact it can be really frustrating for them,
knowing that their friends are really focussed, and they’re still quite fuzzy on the whole
career thing. Well, you can help them with that. The first
thing to do is to tell them to forget about the actual jobs, journalist, engineer, nurse,
actor. Get them to set these things aside and instead start to think about the most
important thing of all. What do they like doing?
Because if they like doing something they’re probably going to enjoy putting that into
action through some kind of job when they leave school or uni.
Now you’re probably thinking to yourself that’s easier said than done, and you’re right.
A lot of that stuff is hidden inside your child and it can be hard to draw that information
out. Fortunately there is a very handy tool that
has been developed by the Australian Government. It’s an online quiz. It’s not a test. There
are no right or wrong answers. The quiz has 15 multiple choice questions. All your child
needs to do is pick a response so it doesn’t take long at all. And at the end of it they’re
given a profile that shows if they’re practical, creative, technical, if they’re a people person,
a helper, or more of an administrative type. The profile is an indication of your child’s
likes and dislikes about work. A possible useful direction to point them along their
future path. If you want to talk to someone about what jobs might flow from the profile
then have a chat to your career counsellor at school or call the Career Development Association
of Australia on 1800 222 390.

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