CAREER IN Bachelor of Social Work ( BSW ) IN Tamil

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28 thoughts on “CAREER IN Bachelor of Social Work ( BSW ) IN Tamil”

  1. Hello sir is ca graduate is eligible for MSW? & req u 2 kindly upload the entrance and interview vdo Thank u

  2. Sir I have finished my degree in BSW in Mysore university please give me your number to contact you to know job vacancy in Mysore itself

  3. Sir now in study in bsw 3 rd year annamalai University dde..but how do filed work project . University can't response ple help me

  4. sir I am Salem and naa computer engineering in diploma mudichi irukken naa social service panna Enna enga patikkanum plz sollunga

  5. sir na computerscience mudichiruka.ennaku social service pannanum nu romba ahasa.ennala msw panna mudiuma.msw padika enna enna skills irrukanum. pls konjam sollunga sir

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