Career and technical education: More than just a fad? | IN 60 SECONDS

Career and Technical Education, or CTE, may be the most popular notion in school reform today. But for CTE to be more than another fad, schools need to make some difficult choices
about exactly how it will work. My friend, and former state superintendent, Tony Bennett, recently flagged three key questions about CTE that need to be resolved. One: Will we accept that expanding CTE may
eliminate some traditional teaching positions? Many CTE students spend part of the school day learning workforce skills, which means schools may not need as many teachers. Two: Will we accept that traditional teacher preparation is inadequate for CTE instructors? Schools of education don’t prepare graduates to teach skill-based occupations such as welding or firefighting. Three: Will we accept CTE’s reliance on high-stakes testing? Many CTE students must pass a national, state, or industry-based assessment to be
certified in their chosen field. For CTE to deliver on its promise, schools
have to confront some tough decisions. What do you think of Career and Technical
Education? Let us know in your comments. Also, let us know what other topics you’d
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2 thoughts on “Career and technical education: More than just a fad? | IN 60 SECONDS”

  1. This video looks like it was made by a bunch of MBA's. No offense to MBA's. But WHO is your audience? This is a critical topic, and I'm just not sure this topic is best served in a video like this. If its NOT an MBA brain child, I stand corrected, but the content criticism still stands. I wont go into details about how to fix it, because this comment section is the wrong forum for that. But again, CRITICAL topic.

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