Career and Technical Education in Pennsylvania

There is no one-size-fits-all
path to success after high school graduation. I am going to start
my own business. I am going to be a
mechanical engineer. I am going to lead a
team that saves lives. I am going to study
computer science in college. I am going to challenge
the status quo. While each path to success is
unique, all students should be equipped
with the tools they need to succeed on whatever
path they decide to take. I am educating students and
inspiring them to achieve their goals. I am providing real-world
learning experiences. I am preparing students to be
successful business and community leaders. Thousands of students across
Pennsylvania have found the path h to a successful future begins at
a career and technical education center. Transformed from the vo-tech of
the past, career and technical education centers offer students
challenging academic opportunities and hands-on
learning experiences through thousands of dynamic, state-
approved programs. Students earn industry-
recognized credentials and certifications, while gaining
real-world, in-demand skills. Whether heading to college,
continuing training, or competitively entering the
workforce, career and technical education students graduate
prepared to continue on a path to success.

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