Car Parking and Counting – Educational videos for kids

4 Your Kids presents Car Parking and Counting – Educational videos for kids Hi kids, look how many cars we have Here’s the parking lot. Let’s carefully park the cars and count them from 1 to 10. The first car is going to the parking lot We get into the parking … and park the car. One (laugh) Here’s the next car He will get us acquainted with another number Let’s park it Two (laugh) It’s so exciting! We are going to the parking lot. Excellent Three (laugh) Another car is rushing to meet a number It must also be parked. Four (laugh) Do you like to count the cars? Wonderful Let’s choose a parking space Five (laugh) There are already 5 cars in the parking, and there is another one coming there. And… Six (laugh) Did you expect car parking and counting to be so fun? So… Seven (laugh) The cars are so different! Here we are! Eight (laugh) We continue to get acquainted with the numbers Go ahead! There’s already a lot of cars in the parking Nine (laugh) Another car It’s good that the cars can help us, right? Let’s park the car carefully Ten (laugh) Now there are 10 cars in the parking Let’s count again from 1 to 10 One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Bye-bye numbers! See you, kids! Well, choose the next video Press on the picture Subscribe to the 4 YOUR KIDS channel

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