hey come on Papa Jake fam its Papa Jake
here and if you guys haven't watched my last video our house got hacked that's
right our entire house may have well it did get hacked by who we believe is
project zorg oh we were able to get it back under control by shutting off all
the power and it seems like now that I've restarted it the house is back in
order but guys things have been crazy behind our gold play button there was
this now we're not exactly sure who left us this it could've been the game master
it could have been projects or go but this is a USB and in this video we are
gonna be putting it into our computer and finding out exactly what's on this
and hopefully it's not something bad also guys I want to thank every single
last one of you who have been liking these videos and helping us solve this
mystery in the comments especially all you guys who are smashing that Bell
button if you guys don't want to miss a brand new pop of Jake video and miss
updates on what's going on you need to hit the belly button it's right down
there okay Logan you're here alright dude listen we need to put this into our
computer and find out what is on it now I know what you're thinking this was
given to us by a hacker and that could be very bad in it it might in fact be
very bad but our only shot is to find out what's on this we we solve the
mystery thanks to you guys and finding that was behind the gold play button and
now we need to put it in and see what it is before we do that I did want to
mention that we've got a sponsor for this video we've got some light in this
video as much as what's going on right now at the gamemaster
the awesome people over at Magic the Gathering decided to sponsor this video
and hook us up with a bunch of Magic the Gathering cards they wanted to sponsor
this video because they're brand new fall said guilds of rabbinate cut is
launching this fall and it's the perfect time to get into Magic the Gathering
I'll have a lot more information a little bit later on in the video but
right now let's put this USB in the computer and find out what's going on ok
guys guys check this out this is really weird so I put the USB in and I opened
it up and all that was in it was a link to a Google Doc but it gets weirder
check this out so I open up the Google Doc and it says that the owner is
someone by the name of N and there's a whole o here okay well should we say
hello back III guess so uh here let me let me take back hello hello
okay I just we wait now hello Papa Jake I am a friend okay he's he's a friend I
mean we got to be careful looking we don't know who this could be
I mean for all we know this is the game master or worse projects or go are you
the game master no I am someone who wants to stop him just as much as you do
in order to do this I need to show you the truth you have to trust me
what does he know that we don't Oh will you show me all right I asked him how
will show me and he says go to these coordinates and search for the purple
tree there you will find the truth when the Sun begins to set a great meeting is
about to take place be prepared and then he lists the coordinates here be
prepared for what I don't know was he mean by a great meeting and as of right
now I think the only what you do is trust whoever this is I mean they say
that they're our friend and they say that they won't stop the game master
maybe they know something we don't Logan I say we gather all of our spy
equipment and go to these coordinates so that we can capture whatever meeting
this is we need to find as much information and as much evidence as we
can when this great meeting takes place I think what he means by this is this
happening tonight the sun's already starting to set so we got to start
moving okay guys we need to start moving and gather all of our spy gear and head
towards this meeting but guys I mean if we are going to a meeting it's pretty
much gonna be like a stakeout we don't know what time this is gonna happen or
how long it's gonna be so the fact that we have magic the gathering spots
through this video is actually pretty good that means Logan we can play some
magic to the gathering while we wait for whoever to have their meeting and I mean
they just sent us a ton of cards let's open up all these packs before we head
out and see what we get and then we'll head to the meeting okay guys so check
this out these are all of the awesome matches The Gathering cards that magic
sent us and they all have a bunch of cards in a bunch of other cool stuff in
here if you guys have never played before I'm gonna be explaining how to
play a little bit later but before we get to our stakeout I say we start
opening these packs and see what cards we get these cards can range in rarity
so we get some super rare cards in these let's start with this little pack here
and see what's inside shake I hope we got a rare card dude me
too all right let's check this out guys so first pack let's go through here we
got some good creature cards here let's see what we got you can tell the rarity
by the symbol here so let's skip ahead and see if we've got
any really awesome cards ooh dude check that out
you got a rare one enchantment or a curse all right all right so this one
you can see here it's got the shiny at the bottom it's got the orange mark here
that means it's rare so not bad for our first pack let's start opening these up
so we can get our magic decks built for the stakeout check out all these rares we got we use
a bunch of holographic rays this one right here looks super air guys you can
tell me down below if this one's super air he looks really cool that's like my
new card I like that one so we're able to unpackage most of the magic cards and
now we're gonna be building our decks and heading out to the forest I also
want to remind you guys that like I said the guilds of Ravnica fall release is
coming out it might be out by the time you're watching this video but if you
want to join the pre-release you can check out local stores near you and head
on over there even if you're a seasoned player or a new player
there's loads of new people to meet and it's a ton of fun so check it out I'll
links to the description down below for all this but Logan I super grab her
decks and we got our spy gear and head up because not only are we becoming
spies tonight but we've got a mystery to solve so let's get going all right guys
we just made it to the forest and we have a pretty good idea as to where the
coordinates are leading us as you guys know we have no idea who this guy is and
how he got these coordinates all we can do right now is trust him and hope this
isn't some sort of traffic Logan this is uh this is kind of creepy man oh I don't
like being down in the middle of the woods I think what we're gonna do is
we're gonna find out where the location is and where this meetings taking place
this is not my ideal place to go but like I said hopefully it isn't some sort
of trap and we do have a lot of spy gear so let's set up our tent and get ready
for the night we got a lot of waiting to do but first things first I want to get
there and make sure all of our spy gear works Jake there's three different paths
yeah I'm looking at it on my phone dude it's kind of hard to tell what the
coordinates I mean it's all just leaves and trees but I'm pretty sure it should
be this path let's see if we can find it clearing to look down upon where the
meetings taking place just watch out and keep an eye on the bushes guys let us
know if you see anything in the woods look at the trees in there this place is
freaky it's like a haunted forest guys check that out I've actually never seen
anything like that we've done a lot of forest survivals it's uh it's getting
dark as well so luckily we brought a bunch of supplies we brought some food
as well its water and of course our tent but I might need to put a sweater on cuz
starting to get freezing cold here all right should just be up ahead there's a
different path this way wait there's another path here yeah there's a lot of
paths down here best I can say is we're heading the right direction should just
be north a little bit farther we're looking for some sort of landmark
something that shows where the meaning would be taking place all right as far
as my coordinates are telling me it should be right here now he said the
meaning will take place by a purple tree it's got your purple trees somewhere
around here these things right I mean they're all over the place no I don't
think that's a purple tree trees eating purple no maybe the leaves on the tree
are purple gasps wait Jake could that be the purple tree
you're right dude check it out the leaves on it they're purple the only
tree around for the flake is no other tree and this is exactly where the
coordinates are taking us it means the meaning has to be taking place here this
there's no other purple tree it's got to be here as of right now this guy going
by the name of n so far hasn't led us into any traps everything he said is
well happening so I think we have to assume this meaning is happening tonight
I say we head back up there to the top of the hill and set up camp and then
start setting up our spy gear come on let's go okay so Jake just went to our
car to get all of our gear like our tent but I think this is where we're gonna
set up camp it's super flat and enough space to set up a tent all right looking
they got everything all right everything in here that's what we need to catch
these guys okay first things first let's set up our tent and get ready once we
have this set up we can start looking at the spy gear and placing it all around
the forest Jake you brought an orange tent to stay
camouflaged oh yeah I didn't really think that through Logan all we had was
an orange tent all right but I'm you were up here they're not gonna see us
plus we'll have all of our spy gear like motion sensors if one gets tripped we'll
know someone's coming this way and get out of here okay guys we got a tent set up and all
of our gear inside for the stakeout but before we do that I want to show you
guys some of the cool spy gear that we have first things first this meetings
gonna be happening at night which is why we have our night-vision goggles will
not only be able to see with these but also record with these so once we get
close to the actual meeting over there I can look through here and take a visual
on them now I can't show you guys this yet cuz it's
not dark you won't say anything but what I can show you is this this guy's is a
miniature sound amplifier you simply put this in your ear and you're able to
listen up to half a mile in fact here let me turn it on I'll show you guys
what sounds like the recording on here okay let's take a listen around here
Logan right here can some birds crickets and stuff not much out flow we'll keep
an eye on this though guys we want to make sure that if we hear anything in
the woods we're using this to track it okay guys so next up we have our motion
sensors now we're gonna set these up in a surrounding area around the stakeout
camp we not only want to protect ourselves against any creepers or any
one kind of sneaking up on us but also be notified as to when the meeting is
going down so we got to be kind of strategic with this one on each entrance
of the trail yeah that's smart all right if someone's coming towards us they're
gonna be using the trail okay that's for the first one up here all right gonna
have this one positioned right here should be able to get anyone walking
along here why don't you give you a test Logan all right walking by the motion
tracker perfect all right let's go now okay that one's done we only have three
more so we got to be really strategic with these alright next motion sensor
set up here should be good and remember guys at nighttime no one's gonna see you
so having them out a little bit it's probably best all right that leaves us
with two laps so I think we should put these down by where the actual meetings
happening so this is exactly where the purple tree is and this motion detector
will tell us when the meetings happening all right give it a walk by Logan all
right I'm the game master going to have my meeting
there we go all right this one's working as well okay let's set the last one up
by the exact meeting spot then I'm going to show you guys the spy camera we have
because we're gonna set this up here down by the meeting so now we have both
sides of the trail covered okay looks like all of our motion detectors are
online all right now I'm gonna grab the spy camera guys we're gonna set this up
close to here so let me grab that and come back now we have our spy camera
here we're gonna set this up close to where the meanies happening obviously
we're gonna try and getting close with our main camera and the night-vision
goggles but just in case we're gonna set this up in the trees so I'm gonna turn
this on here so you should be going into spy camera mode all right guys you are
now on the spy camera here I don't know how the audio is gonna be on this so
hopefully it's good but let's set you guys up here we won't be able to see
anything but hopefully you guys can see what's going on here and hopefully we
get a shot of this meeting going on but the spy cameras set up so let's head on
over and do some of the other stuff last up we have a UAV drone now this is
actually gonna be something that we're gonna try and capture some aerial
footage of the gamemaster's meeting throw it and then we get a feed using
this send directly to our phone so we can capture the video footage don't
really expect to get this back so we kind of have one shot at it but I'm
gonna do a test flight right now so we can see what the video footage looks
like so Logan plug this into your phone and let's charge this up here we go we're definitely gonna use that here
I'll go grab it you meet me inside the tent but wait looking what you bring I
brought snacks Volken all you brought is snacks this is
a spy stakeout I brought all the spy I thought you'd have some other cool stuff
Jake the most important thing on a stakeout it's snacks all right you know
yeah I guess your guess you're right we're gonna be here for a while so yeah
okay fine we got snacks all right guys let's head in the tent we've got a
little bit of time to kill before the actual meetings supposed to take place
the Sun is going down and it's kind of getting cold so I'd rather be inside the
tent all right guys so we are safe and inside the tent so obviously if anyone
starts moving in the night we'll be able to hear them with of course the
transmitter that works as the motion detector and then we can start moving in
and spying on the meeting but for now I thought we'd play some Magic the
Gathering they sponsor the video and as you guys know I love Magic the Gathering
and it is ooh perfect scenario to play it look it's pretty good all right we
were pulling a bunch earlier today and keeps coming down I will see but if you
guys have never played the game before I want you guys to see how you can play it
obviously it's a lot of fun collecting cards and seeing which cards are rare
but I'll teach you guys the basics so you know how to play and follow along
all right so let's grab the cards and get it what's this
Jake that's my spy pen welcome punch you bring a spy pen well we don't have
walkie-talkies so I thought I could bring this to shoot a note at you if I
need to get your attention okay all right that works okay folks
back to Maj the gathered let's grab our cards here up you stack has about 60
cards in it so Logan here you go so the way the Magic the Gathering works it's
pretty simple but each player starts out with 20 health and that's you yourself
okay now the objective of the game is to get
your opponent's health down to zero and you do that by using your cards to
attack the other player now of course there's defending and attacking with the
other players cards and there's a lot of magic cards mixed in there episode let's
put our decks down and let's each draw seven cards to start okay so now that I
have my seven cards I'm gonna start my turn now the first phase of your turn
you're gonna want to play land cards so once you play one of your land cards
these are actually how you're gonna summon your creature
so to your creature credits and other parts require a certain amount of land
carts so for example this one requires four of any land cards and then one land
card that's a water card once you play this down you can start playing your
hand with creatures and then you can start attacking each other to see who
can get the other person down to zero health first so we're playing for a
little bit now and I can finally attack Logan and take some help off of him so
I'm gonna take Logan out with my vivid flying fish and my moon eating dog which
is kind of a weird name but alright I like my moon eating dog here so I'm
gonna attack Logan with both these cards and Logan has a chance now to block me
so what are you gonna do Logan well Jake I'm gonna block your moon eating dog
with my leopard spotted cat okay all right all right so if you guys didn't
know at the bottom of each card here it actually has its strengths and defense
here's this defense which means how much damage you can take and the other one is
how much damage it gives so Logan's defending against my mood eating dog
which means he's actually gonna eliminate my card because I'm gonna be
taking three damage from his weird cat thing but I'm also gonna be destroying
his card because I deal three damage he's only got one defense so these cards
go to our graveyard my vivid Flying Fish on the other hand has no one to defend
it which means I'm attacking you for one point and that brings your health down
the nineteen alright we're gonna keep playing for a little bit guys and update
you as the game goes on place a comment down below who you thinks gonna win and
let me know down below guys if you play Magic the Gathering I'd love to hear if
you guys play as well alright and just like that I attack you with both
creatures I'll defend with my armored world turtle
unfortunately I do defend against your leopard cat thing but you do hit me with
your snake you know I'm out of health Logan officially wins this game but you
know what I say we do a rematch in the future I need to rebalance my cards
maybe open some more packs get some better cards but yeah looks like Logan
took the win on this one that's right I most definitely did Jake
we cheek take it up take it up with the alarm alarm when a motion sensor set up
I think the media might be happening all right I'm gonna take this outside and
see if I can get close and see what's going on you need to stay here and
monitor all the surveillance equipment all right come on guys you're coming
with me take here's the night-vision camera perfect I'm gonna head towards
where the meetings happening I've got all the spy gear I can and Logan will be
monitoring everything from back at the base kind of like this one big-ass it's
really freaky out here i'ma have to turn off my light as I get closer all right
I'm gonna switch into night vision mode all right guys putting you into night
vision mode here we go it's a bit hard to see but you should be seeing what I'm
seeing which is well a lot of green and like four feet in front of me okay let's
head down here and see if we can see anything when motion tracker should have
been set off which means the meeting has to be going down it gets to something all right so I think right now what I'm
gonna do is I'm gonna send out the plane for an aerial view of what's happening
it'll give us a pretty good UAV view if the meeting is going down let's uh let's
set the plane up and we only got one shot at this perfect cleans online throwing it now
UAV online it looks like we didn't really get much but I can definitely
tell that there's two people meeting down there I've gotta be extremely quiet
I don't want them to know I'm here I think I can hear them talking hold on
let me swing get closer get it shot up okay I'm gonna use the audio capture
device see if I can capture some audio guys it looks like someone maybe the
game master handed someone else' back like a black bag and then he handed him
like a like a piece of paper or file of some sort alright listen and with this
sooner I can find out guys I can't exactly make out what they're saying I
don't know if you guys can help me I'll play the audio file over a few times in
post but let me know if you have any idea what they're saying I think I might
have to get back soon though I don't want to stay here for too long I could
blow my cover wait guys the motion trackers are going
off there must be creepers everywhere I'm gonna use this by plan to alert Jake
that's opposed to me wait guys look it's more Logan's darts he sent me a message
hold on that says Reapers here come back okay guys it looks like Logan spotted
some creepers I better head back now I think we have enough footage but but I
don't know who those two guys are I think one of them might have been the
game master I have no idea who the other one is and you look like they're doing
some sort of transaction but hopefully we can review the other footage and
figure it out let's head back and fast Logan Jake I think there's creepers here
we got to go right now creepers yeah okay well I got as much
information as I can hopefully you guys can decode everything and help us figure
out what they were talking about and what they were doing for now let's get
home and left a message n let's tell them the meaning when is planned and see
if he has any more info for us Jake do you think we got enough audio on them I
hope so and what would you have we need your guy's help to decode it so make
sure to go back and note any clues in this video and comment them down below
let's get home before the creepers get here come on
you you


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