Capture Cases from Facebook using Social Customer Service

hello friends welcome to BSP solutions calm today through this video I am going to demonstrate you how to configure social customer service and sales force to capture cases from Facebook in my previous video I have demonstrated you how to capture cases from Twitter so this is the next video in centuries and here we are going to capture the cases directly from Facebook in so two things you will be requiring the first of all you will be requiring a registered version of your Salesforce account second thing you need to create couple of Facebook pages or you need to create a couple of pages on your Facebook account like I have done so first of all let me show you my Facebook account which I will be using that is the Facebook account I'm using and in this Facebook account we have a series of pages like Microsoft Dynamics obiee and so on and I would be going to integrate this Microsoft Dynamics CRM training page with my facebook using customer services or social customer services so let's begin so I'll switch back to my Salesforce and here I will search for social customer service click on social customer service click on social accounts and before moving on to that makes you that enable social customer services this option is checked if it is not checked in your case so click on edit and check this option and finally saved it then click on social accounts because from using the social accounts we will be going to add the social accounts through which we can capture cases so I click on social accounts and as you can see the account has not been added yet so I click on add account and click on Facebook because I have already logged it into my facebook I have already logged it into my facebook so it won't ask me to login again it simply redirect me to that particular account so as you can see it redirect me to that account after giving permissions and it gives a list of pages so these are the available pages within my social accounts and I and as you can see we are getting messages that we can add up to two social accounts so I can I can capture cases from two Facebook pages but in this case I'm going to capture cases only from this particular page Microsoft Dynamics CRM training so click on add and this will take some time to process to finish up the process and once the process is finished we got a message that your account has been added then I click on social customer service settings and here it is not activated right now it is inactive so I need to click on start because we have to activate it first it is activated right now and you can say the same case creation it means any post any post done by any user on my page that would be captured as a case under cases object and I'll click on inbound settings and it's there couple of options which you need to check before we test it let's make some changes and let's we need to make some settings and give permissions so first of all I click on users and what are the permissions I click on users click on my name and I will look for permission set so as you can see I have a permission for social customer service inbound automation so make sure this permission set is activated so it's already activated then I scroll down and look for profile because my profile a system administrator profile so I click on system administrator profile and scroll down to at bottom and we need to enable social account access so click on edit and in my case I have already done and tested it earlier so that's why it is already added but in your case it might be like this so we need to select the social account and move it from left side to the enable social icon so this permit the user this permit the particular user whom the profile status system administrator will be able to read the cases so two settings we have done one more setting we need to do is that is a click on edit and connected a pack so that is Salesforce social customer service make sure that this is activated so these are few settings we have done now what we will we do is we will be going to post a comment in my page so let's post a comment and I just slide a post that tests dynamic or that's a test social service account or let's post and click on publish so I can see the post on my page which is recently added by me so I have added a post set test social service post now let's get back to the Salesforce and within cases let's go and check whether that post have been added as a case or not so after we made a post it may take some time it may take a few seconds or few minutes it depends on the connectivity between your Salesforce and your Facebook integration so as you can see I post this message four minutes before and now just now I received a message in my cases in my scenes for that post form Microsoft training and so that's the contact name so I click on case number and I can see the details and I can see that details the contact name is Microsoft Dynamics CRM training case origin is Facebook status is new description is blank there is nothing in description so what I am going to do is I'm going to customize this and I'm going to add a new option over here like a social so you see the social is added just in case if it is not added any in your environment so you need to edit the layout just click on edit layout to add social and click on quick action and from quick action just drag and drop this social over here like I have already done this so this social add drag and drop over here the advantage of doing this is that now when you click on social when I click on social here I can see the message test social service post that's the same message test social service pose and the best part is that I can directly send a response or my team members or the customer care executive they can directly send respond back on that post directly from my Salesforce account so let's have a look so I'll just write a message I responding back thanks for submitting we will validating your post and we'll get back to you and click on post to Facebook and when I say post to Facebook you can see it says a message sending post refresh to view your updates so I just refresh it to view the updates and definitely we can see this thanks for submitting we validate your post and we'll get back to you soon so you we see that comment and now let's get back to Facebook account and I just refresh my account I just a fresh my page and as soon as I refreshed it I will see the post which we are the comment which we have made from Salesforce so you see we got a message thanks for submitting we will validate your post and we'll get back to your soon so this message has been posed directly from on to Facebook from same post at all so that's how we can integrate Facebook and social feedback and Salesforce to generate cases using social customer service so that's all in this video if you have some queries you can post your comments in our comment box if you have some doubts you can contact with us you can connect with us for customized training on Salesforce thanks for watching have a nice day goodbye

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