Captain's Privates #10: Legato Patterns, Blues Chord Extensions. Lee Anderton Guitar Lesson Tutorial

26 thoughts on “Captain's Privates #10: Legato Patterns, Blues Chord Extensions. Lee Anderton Guitar Lesson Tutorial”

    The fruits of their labour. Lee's playing better than ever. Epic.

  2. Lee seems more down to earth when hes with justin instead of them other clowns he does vids with..they get on my wick that other lot

  3. these videos are all excellent …. but … I honestly think something is going awry with the way the theory aspects are being imparted.. at 29.00 when the E major 7 is being discussed .. Lee's "there for effect" comment about that chord implies this. Think his theory knowledge would catch up with his natural playing ability more quickly if the theory was learnt as a subject in itself. Lee seems to be learning the theory by rote rather than science. Doing the latter then all the questions Lee is asking can be answered by theory knowledge and working things out

  4. The penny dropped at 36:52 for me. Prior to that I was in the "why do I need this?" mode. Nice work Justin….

  5. I honestly never seen someone so stressed out and embarrassed by taking guitar lessons. Take a deep breath man. Damn. The deepest rabbit hole is worrying about how good you are. Just play man. It’s art.

  6. Justin love your work.
    As an advanced driving instructor of many years, I learnt this with numerous students. the way to get a student to practise something slow is to demo it slow..
    When you show lee a new lick you play it fast and tell Lee to play it slow. Try playing at the speed you want Lee to play it. I think you’ll be pleased with the result.

  7. Lee. Mate. You don't have to be told that you looked unskilled and ordinary. But I feel that you need to be told how much others like me are the same. It takes a lot of real man to be coached in this way and in public. Congratulations to you. SERIOUSLY. You have done really well. Good'onya mate.

  8. Justin, I’d love a lesson on all the 7th, 9th, 11th, and 13th chords. My main style is rockabilly and while I know some and 6 chords – it would be amazing to learn tons more.

  9. Loving the lessons. Really, the best youtube lesson I've seen. I'm really learning a whole lot with these. Thank you so much. Also I appreciate what a great teacher you are. You first tried a certain way of teaching Lee (transcribing, etc) that Lee didn't care at all and you have adjusted to teach Lee exactly what he wants and he's totally into it. Awesome!!

  10. Stumbled onto this lesson. Best instruction I've seen, as it hit home due to my ability is about where the Captain's is a well. Very enjoyable. Thanks!

  11. Working at slow tempo (reaaaly slow) is a damn good advice every guitar student (or even other instrumentists) should really trust. This is the only way to really be at what you're doing and building strong foundations for the rest of the working story. With this in mind, you can magnify on every detail and avoid bad habits you wouldn't even notice at higher speeds. Even when you've reached the highests tempos, going back to slow tempos is essential if you really want to to be precise like hell.
    Nice lesson BTW !

  12. I bought a 12 sided die that i use in combination with a regular 6 sided to pick out random notes on the fretboard. Where the 12 sided die pick the fret and the 6 sided picks the string, and it's really fun

  13. Lee, your are doing great! You use the word light bulb, maybe "epiphany" is a better choice? Playing and especially practicing seems to make you feel like you are on the verge of a discovery IMO. Not necessarily ever being satisfied. Seems hard to quantify. Keep up the great work.

  14. Justin, these fly on the wall lessons are very definitely the way to go. Much as I love your other stuff, I’m getting so much juice out of these.

  15. Thanks again Justin and Lee. There is always something to be gained from watching your lessons, and when I am not learning something new, I love seeing the teacher vs. student tug-of-war dynamics.

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