Capacity Song For Kids | Liquid Ounces, Cups, Pints, Quarts, & Gallons

One gallon split into fourths is four quarts. Take that and divide by two and you got a pint. Split that pint up into halves and make a cup. And that cup will fit eight fluid ounces inside of it. 1 Gallon=4 Quarts. (or eight pints or sixteen cups) 1 Quart=2 Pints. (or 4 cups, or 32 fl ounces) 1 Pint=2 Cups (or sixteen fl ounces) 1 CUP=8 Fluid Ounces A gallon of milk split in 4ths makes 4 quarts. Split a quart of milk in half; then a pint is what you’ll have. Which can make two cups you see often When you drink your school milk carton. If you can drink the milk in eight sips, Each is about an ounce going through your lips. 1 Gallon=4 Quarts (or eight pints, or sixteen cups) 1 Quart=2 Pints (or four cups, or thirty-two fl ounces) 1 Pint=2 CUPS (or sixteen fluid ounces) 1 CUP=8 Fluid Ounces Volume is a word that’s familiar, And capacity and volume are similar; And though it’s easy to assume,
Capacity is not exactly volume. Capacity’s how much something can hold;
the amount is always the same. Volume’s the measure of what’s inside,
and that amount can change. 1 Gallon=4 Quarts (or eight pints, or sixteen cups) 1 Quart=2 Pints (or four cups, or thirty-two fluid ounces) 1 Pint=2 CUPS (or sixteen fl ounces) 1 CUP= 9 Fluid Ounces (SUBTITLES, AGAIN!!??) (1 Cup ≠ 9 Fluid Ounces….. )
“Take Two!”

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  2. My teacher said I hate how the mouth's move:(Then later he said at 1:51 she feels it then he does what she does then all of us laugh including me

  3. I have to be honest, this song does help 3 or 4 graders about how many fluid ones or pints a jar can hold. It's really easy once u get used to it, my teachers like the song I do too. But one problem. THAT BLACK WOMAN IS FREAKIN CREEPY AND THERE JAW IS NOT WHERE ITS SUPPOSED TO BE (wtf) ok btw at least the man takes better care if his looks than Mrs freaky fashion show showing what pints are and gallons are. What is this world going to?

  4. My kids just came home and showed me this and I’m like as an adult.. adding this to my playlist when I can’t remember how to break measurements down.. 👌🏽👌🏽💯

  5. My class laughed at this, I was like,

    Me: 1:18 He’s Drinking Like He’s Never Had Milk Before.

    But still I like this

  6. My teacher played this and she said that last year they loved this so much that they learned the dance and it helped them on the milestones

  7. horrible animation. less than decent lyrics, decent voice acting, bad character models and a complete disgrace to Moonwalkers around the globe

  8. I am in fourth grade they showed us this video that guy in hoodie looks like if jimmy nuetran failed

  9. My whole class says that the boy on the vid is a boy in my class and the girl is his “crush” (he doesnt really like her like that but our while class thinks) so we close the doors and yell the lyrics at him

  10. 100% Comments talking about how hard they laugh at this bootiful animation.
    10% Comments saying that this is very helpful
    1% Comment talking about how the others are enjoying singing and watching this animation. (me)

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