Canterbury Primary’s Christmas Windows

So, behind us is our Myer Christmas windows. Um, so they’re a project we did this term which is based off the Myer Christmas windows. We knew that we wanted it to be about Christmas and we knew we wanted it to be about the world. We have six classes in year five and six and we thought ‘well there’s seven continents.’ We’re not really going to do anything
for Antarctica but let’s have every class doing a continent. So, the kids grouped off into little country groups and they researched a celebration but they also
designed a visual representation of it. It had to include a moving part. It had to
include something 3d printed. It had to include materials,
woodwork, everything that we can access through our maker space. So, the celebration my group chose was Midsummer’s Eve which is a Swedish celebration. We chose that because I’m actually Swedish,
my grandmother is Swedish so I was like ‘oh this is a perfect opportunity to
learn about where I came from’. I created Big Ben which is in London and it’s all about the STEM.
So, science, we did tons of circuitry research, history, engineering,
experimentation and then maths. There was so much math in this project.
Measuring area. It was unbelievable. We didn’t even
realise until we actually started doing it. At Canterbury Primary School we believe
that engagement is key to everything. Engagement means that students are most likely
to achieve better outcomes. So, we knew that they were going to love Christmas. We knew that they were going to love the
maker space and we knew that they were going to love having a real audience to
share it with through a window display. That’s kind of why we did it but
that’s also what we believe – engagement is key

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