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hey this is Jane with useful knowledge remember the videos on the tomato plants from this past spring with those tomato plants are starting to produce a lot of tomatoes so we picked these yesterday and what we want to do now is we're going to count them and I'm going to take you step by step completely through the process of what we do to can our Tomatoes I'm going to show you how to quickly and easily peel the tomato all the way through the process so stay tuned what we do to peel our Tomatoes is we put them in the refrigerator overnight and they get some really cold we're going to drop these in some not quite boiling water but obviously you can see it steaming here so it's not quite boiling but it's very hot water we're going to let these sit in there for about a minute okay these have probably been in there about two to three minutes and you can tell when they get ready to peel they'll start to split and you can see that one's bleeding right there so we're going to take this batch out okay now that we took them out of our hot water we're going to peel these we're going to peel these tomatoes and any spots that may be on there you need to go ahead and cut those off and I go ahead and cut that top core part out and there you go you have a tomato ready to put over in your Sun pipe okay once you get your Tomatoes peeled what you want to do is basically you want to cut them up cut them up kind of small just like that right there when they're pretty much it's going to fall apart for you but you want to somewhat cut them up okay I finished peeling and cutting up my Tomatoes I have about probably a gallon and a half to two gallons and I'm going to heat this up very very slowly and I'm also going to put about eight quart jars in the oven at 250 so that once this gets hot the jars will be ready for canning so our tomatoes are ready to heat up and we're going to turn this on and we're going to heat this up very slowly I'll put this on like a medium low because you don't want to scorch these tomatoes if you put it on high you will burn the bottom of them and you don't want to do that because you've just worked hard to get all these tomatoes to this point so I'm gonna put it on medium low and I'm also going to stir it very very often okay these tomatoes are starting to get really warm and so what I'm going to do I'm going to turn them up just a little bit they were on medium to medium-low here I'm going to turn them up a little bit because we're going to get them almost to the boiling point then we're going to can them so I'm going to turn them up and then I'm going to stir them pretty much constantly so we're going to put them on medium high now okay our tomatoes are almost heated up to a point where we can count them so like in all our videos we're going to go ahead we're going to heat up our lids and you can basically turn this on on low you just want those that water to to just warm those lids up so when you put them on the jar they're ready to go okay these tomatoes are heated up almost to the simmer point and they are ready to can so I'm gonna get the jars out of the oven and I'm going to show you how to can them okay I just took my jars out of the oven they're at 250 degrees these Tomatoes are right at the SEM report so they're very hot they're well over 200 degrees and my lids are over there and the water warming up so we're going to fill these jars up with this Tomatoes you want to bring this right to the bottom of your funnel and then you want to add a teaspoon of salt so we're going to add a teaspoon of salt we're going to do that to each one of them and the reason I add the teaspoon of salt at the end of this process is so I can remember whether or not I did add salt to it okay at this point we want to go over the top of each one of these jars to make sure there's no tomato on the top of them that way they'll seal properly so you want to do each one of them like that and this is just a damp paper towel and you can see how that that one did have a little bit of tomato on it okay now all we have to do is put our lid them so we're going to pull my other water we're going to dry each one of them off just like that just dry it off all right at this point we're just going to put these bands on and tighten them up okay once you get them to this point where the bands are on they're slightly then you want to tighten them up really good and you're going to turn them over oK we've got all these jars turned over we're going to leave them upside down for five minutes and we are done after we turn those jars back over they will vacuum seal and they'll cool down and be ready to go in the pantry all right these have been upside down for about five minutes and it is time to turn them over now these are height make no mistake about it they're very hot we will wait for these two vacuum seal it will take about thirty minutes and you will hear them start singing to you they will ping so we hope you gained some useful knowledge on how to can tomatoes thanks for watching what's the next morning and all of our drawers are sealed perfectly

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  1. My family has been doing it this way for over 90 years maybe more , no one ever got sick , my only suggestion would be to cover the jars with towels and or blankets until the next morning , this will keep the heat in the jars for a prolonged time to ensure all bad bacteria is killed , just posted a video on canning tomatoes myself . cant beat home canned tomato sauce…!!!

  2. I love your videos. I made 3 of your jellies. Could you please make pickles.. with salt, vinegar, dill weed please. Thank you

  3. Have not canned for 35 years and I used to do it all. I now have a huge garden and was dreading canning because I was afraid I wouldn’t remember how, so I loved your video. It gave me confidence. I never did them without a canneder, and now have a glasstop, so this video was a find!

  4. I can't believe that people would use this outdated and dangerous
    canning method! Every year or so
    Canning methods are updated. Science and microbiology play
    a big role in the advancement of
    the art of canning. You say that
    this is the way my family has done
    it and no one has ever gotten sick!
    That to me is just a bad excuse! Why do you not want to keep up
    to date with canning? Also, It takes
    Just one time for Mr. Botulism to be your friend and for your canned
    goods to kill someone. Botulism doesn't just make you sick it kills
    you too. Remember you are not
    only canning those tomatoes for you, but you are also canning them for your family. Do you want to be
    responsible for killing someone due to unsafe canning practices??
    My Grandma canned everything and kept up to date with the newest canning methods! BTW I
    am a master canner through the
    Oregon State Extension Service. I have taken all the classes and have a certificate. To all you newbies be very careful with where you get your canning information! This video is dangerous and this old method
    of canning could kill someone!!!!
    Get some good canning books
    through Amazon. Ball canning books are good and kept up to date. There are much better canning videos on YouTube. They
    Use good and safe canning practices!!!!! This video should
    be taken down!

  5. Hello, great video 🙂 how hot do you put the oven on to in celsius and for how long? And how long do they last e.g. 1 year? less? Thanks in advance, cheers, G.


  7. Wow I have never seen it done like this! I am amazed to hear that some of you have been doing this for generations with no problems. And to think of all the time I wasted using the hot water bath canner. Thanks for this video and for all the comments that were posted.

  8. Looks like a great way to can just about anything . Only thing I would do differently would be to put the canned tomatoes back in the 250 oven until they are brought back up to 250 degrees to be sure no microbes sneaked in.

  9. My family does this in over at 250% for 4 hours and do it at nite dont open stove doir till morning and dont let jars touch.never failed me.we also make our jams without surejel split drip method.

  10. Hey sweetie just watched your video and have a question. I see you are using a metal pot for your tomatoes and a metal ladle to scoop them out with? We were always taught not to use metal but instead use those blue jelly kettles instead because metal would poison the tomatoes. Other than that I open kettle too. Hope to get a reply and Blessings to you and yours

  11. Thank you soooo much. I knew there was an easier way to do this . I definitely am going to try it this way, I am new to canning but, didnt want to spend loads of money on supplies.
    You definitely have a new subscriber. Thank you and God Bless 🙏

  12. Do you use the same canning method for greenbeans, carrots and potatos? Or do you have to use a pressure canner "water bath" thank you so much in advance! 🙂

  13. First off, thanks for your aptly named “useful knowledge” video. It was well done and easy to follow. I know nothing about canning but there's a lot to be said for tried-and-tested or time-honored traditions. Fortunately for me, and I'm sure the vast majority of the people who watch your video, I do have a brain and a very rich reservoir of life experience that allow me to weigh risks and benefits. All I can say is even the most innocuous of activities, like eating ice cream, have associated risks, like brain freeze! So, to people who always feel the need to sound the alarm on anything and everything, stop and smell the roses. Chances of that prolonging your life are probably greater than botulism cutting it short.

  14. oh lordy..This canning method and home grown things is probably why the older generations lived to be about 100 and they worked hard..Not like today where everyones paranoid and over safe and over steralizing everything.People constantly removing every bit of dirt from their house and causing their kids to be almost allergic to everything because they havent been exposed to anything thats good for them.I wouldnt follow just any Studies. People are buying fruits and vegitables that have been changed genetically and completly changed to the point of not even being the same plant anymore.Filled with radiation and pesticides and god knows what else..I think this guys canning method?Is definatly the least of my worries..I would rather feed my family this way and with this canning method than buying some fancy cooker that people are just making money off of and giving scare tactics..Why dont you go buy a bomb shelter and go can something.. some of the garbage we are fed in todays world gets us to just waste more food.Seriously folks.. Unsafe food practices are already happening..You buy food from the store that comes from god knows where and is injected with dyes and chemicals and most foods have added preservatives in them and your fresh and lovely fruits and veggies you buy are most likely genetically modified and filled with more chemicals and so i think its crap to pick on a guy thats being helpful and trying to help others gain independence from big foods and get their own things and preserve them so they dont get tossed..You want to all go be paranoid over safe foods? Dont buy your food in some big market store than and than come back to preach and leave this dude to do his good deeds..You dont like them?Dont use them.End of story. Dont need to ramble about some study you read. Most generations know what they are doing when the pass information on.

  15. Hi all , I have a question about canned tomatoes, I did a bunch of jars one time , and it seemed to separate, the tomatoes seemed to be floating on watt, so threw them away, I wasn’t sure if they safe , anyone know? Do tomatoes separate like that and are still safe?

  16. yep, that s how I do it. and they never spoil. i saw a woman doing it in a very complicated way in that big can pressure…..this is really a lot easier! thanks for confirming it to me. I do like this all jams and chutneys and well, now i m gonna do tomato too! good idea.

  17. I'd like to say, good video, but the music was a bit loud and kept distracting me so I didn't hear what you said all the time. :/

  18. A work of art as well. Wish I owned every size just to have them all.>>> I already have the 921 and when summer time canning/jarring comes around the job will been done twice as fast and looking at your finished project you reap all the glory all through out the year much healthier as well.

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