49 thoughts on “CANDLEBOX – "Simple Lessons" Music Video (official)”

  1. Saw them for the second time in the last few years, they sound phenomenal live, glad these guys are still kicking it, happy 25th!

  2. This is the last song I listened to with my dad. He died the later night. I was supposed to be with him. I went home though. I have regretted going home for 18 years now.ย  In case anyone gives a half a shit.

  3. i knew and partied with these guys before they were anything,the song you was written about the place they lived. low income apartments,i had alot of friends there and they were a few of them,good guys.

  4. What the HELL happened to this band?! CANDLEBOX seemed poised to take on the grunge world with a GREAT debut album fueled by KM's supercharged vocals (used to most dramatic effect in this, arguably their best, song that was basically their last hurrah, on a followup album that already showed a dramatic dropoff in quality)—and then, almost as quickly, they were GONE. Memorable CANDLEBOX Moment watching them play the 4000-seat Seattle Arena when an over-zealous fan tried to wrestle KM's axe away. "Let go! Let go! Let go!" I could see him mouthing the words.

  5. I bought this record from a pawn shop when I was broke.

    When I hear it now, I remember the feeling of being broke.

  6. to be treated with sarcasm and hate makes us feel so specia after we survive it. Love the surreal feelings to death. thank you 90s.

  7. I hated this tune in the day,,, But since Im a big 90s fan!! CandleBox is one of the Greatest Bands ever!

  8. Great live act, saw the lead singer play guitar with a broken arm at club Malibu in NY years ago… He's a trooper!

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