100 thoughts on “Candace Owens defends Trump’s Charlottesville remarks”

  1. Obama made this country poor. He put us in debt so far that the USA will never recover from the trillions of dollars that Obama spent. So, it's not the Bush or Trump's fault

  2. @6:15 President Trump’s February 28, 2017 Executive Order was the earliest any President had signed an Order on HBCUs..$400 million for The Thurgood Marshall Fund and $300 million for other training programs specifically for Black Americans

  3. This man is a Glaring Idiot. The democrats look delusional – literally psychotic. Have you ever had a conversations with psychotic people with fixed delusions? They believe whole heartedly the fantasies in their minds and the hallucinations they see. They speak as if their delusions and hallucinations are reality, and the rest of us would never NEVER hire them. Particularly, they would never be voted in and given authority over our American lives by any healthy minded people, as politicians have. The Left Democrat Socialist Fascists are mentally ill. And, their representatives are just their extensions.

  4. Wow, the Dems are really in trouble if all they have is misrepresenting what Trump said on Charlottesville.

  5. The joke is on Candace Owens! When those White Nationalist – Trump supporters marched in Charlottesville in 2017, they chanted “You will not replace us.” Sadly, that “you” is technologically Candace Owens!!! You see, those White Nationalists marched because they don’t want their so-called White pure children to be “replaced” by Candace’s biracial babies! They marched because they love their so-called pure, European-blooded White women like Lauren Southern, Faith Goldy, and Tommi Lauren… and do not want those women to be “replaced” by Candace Owens. They marched for a pure White homeland, and don’t want that homeland to be “replaced” with the likes of Candace Owens! So in the end… the joke is on Candace, but like so many slaves, she’s too dumb and mentally ill to understand that!

  6. Clearly. Shavar is a Racist! This guy acts like he is on meth! Van Jones is a moron. Nothing on his shoulders other than meat!

  7. This clown gets to talk along time Candise talks 2 seconds and the clown keeps saying let me finish, he's taking up all there time explaining his false narrative. Shut him up please, let Candace talk.

  8. Could you just imagine Tulsi Gabbard and Candace Owens running together for the White House in 2020 ? Those two women would make a powerhouse of a team.

  9. candace is a good strong personality leading by example instead of fear and hate …its the right direction but the left doesn't want the black community to prosper they like the status quo so they can always attack racism that isn't really there…i grew up in a black neighborhood as a child never had any problems there and that was early 70's …its a self feeding lie that grows like a snowball with inaccurate media ratings grabs …pathetic

  10. Why is YouTube disabling comments on Candace Owens channel??

    I'm really getting tired of silicon valley's harassment of conservatives!

  11. This guy's logic is oboma is racist because he out a tax on tanning beds. Obama pass the tax for people that use tanning beds and that is majority Whites.

  12. If she would have remained a supporter of the Democrats, she would be relatively NOTHING! She has nothing to offer. But since she switched horses to the right-wing, she can impress the uneducated deplorables with her absolute nonsense.

  13. Democratic Socialists love Strong Black Women, it’s too bad Candace Owens suffers from greed and is weakened by the money of her wealthy patrons. Trump is a horrible person… I would like to advise anyone who thinks differently to ask around their community and see the opinions of others before believing Fox commentators like Candace

  14. Great ❤️ question ,
    why are Black Americans rising in support of President Donald Trump, ❤️ 💕 💙 💜 💝 Candace Owens tells how the President Trump support has now DOUBLED since he began

  15. obama handed black people scholarships under the affirmative action programme. This lead to chaos in the colleges because people were there that found it hard to cope. Black people can't have things handed to them , they have to study and earn it. This will lead to more confident people in the long run. People just like Candace.

  16. Joe Biden just wants to include everyone. Criminals from other countries, criminals in masks on the street, criminals in office. You know… Everyone.

  17. I am a liberal, but have to admit Candace Owens seems too strong to upheld my convictions. She has a great future ahead of her (and us)

  18. I'm a American born man with a Puerto Rican father bronx born and raised in poverty and trump has my vote. Democrats are creating hate amongst the people.

  19. The ONLY things Democrats have to be able to add to the mix is their non-stop LIES, and their carefully scripted INFLAMMATORY narrative.

  20. That’s right most of the people that try to cross borders are people that are running away from something and most of them are criminals! Candace was right 100% about the fact that people are getting fed up with the race victim hood in America in which the black people are waking up to

  21. I shut the video off after Candice spoke because she said enough and it was well and I didn't want to hear the other garbage from the left

  22. Candace Owens must be the person who is my heart most close after my children and grandchildren. She is so honest and intelligent!!

  23. We also attribute the rise of black African American voters for Trump to Obama , because before he left office the black American voters was on the rise …hahahaha 😆😂😆😂 Thanks Obama

  24. Id personally like to know where everyone on both sides are getting thier informarion. So i can source them myself. The sources should be independant with no ones side being represented so i might get some actual information.

  25. Hey Fox News and PragerU! Censor me if you can because Alt-Right and Neo-Nazis do not belong to America! The Protesters in the Torch night were saying Anti-Semitism words!

  26. To that nom-thinking guy. Biden is for murdering black people from het get-go. Please tell me how many black babies are killed by abortion. Either percentage or actual numbers of black to white. Biden supports ALL ABORTION. Probably supports infanticide too. Sad! 😱👎👽🙀😨😟😕

  27. From one black man that can say this with all honesty that black guy got told and he didn’t like it hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha

  28. The left can only exist, can only be relevant when people are divided, so do not be surprised when they try there hardest to keep it that way!

  29. Another omressa .she is trying her best so that trump will hire her .once she is in the white house she will record him and expose him to the public.

  30. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 America might have been great (again) around the time that African Americans started making inventions. I answered the question

  31. The guy looks like his computer server was malfunctioning..licking his lips and hard blinking. LOL..candace had him short circuiting…awesome!!

  32. Oh my the leftist is totally in over his head trying the same tired BS against Candace. She’s a star 🤩♥️👍

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