Canberra Public Schools – ‘Learn, Anywhere’

When I started working in this space I really wanted it to be a place that was flexible and that empowered my students to be owners of their learning. It was really important to me that the students were aware of the purpose of what they were learning and that they were involved in choosing what their audience would be and why they were doing what they were doing. Technology is something that really supports them in connecting with their audiences and also with constructing meaning in a
way that is really personal to them. When I think about the kind of teacher that I want to be, I want to be someone that helps my students connect their learning from home to school, and is able to share that learning with the important people in their lives It’s working really well now that we’ve got the technology in place. I’m able to kind of sit down with Georgia at the end of the day and see what she’s done in class and she’s been able to talk to me about that. And also on weekends and in school holidays we’re able to upload interesting things that she’s been doing or working on that can be fed back into the classroom. We were a school that wasn’t doing a lot with ICT and there was certainly a huge potential for what we could do. I was looking at what we needed to put in place to make those sorts of learning opportunities that we wanted available for the kids, and I kept looking at it in terms of what teachers do we need to get? What executive staff do we need to get? What expertise to we need to get in to make all of this happen? I very quickly realised, of course, that we had the expertise because we have the students in our school. And it’s the kids. They came to us telling us what we needed to do, what services they had at home, and how we could provide for them a whole lot better opportunities in the classroom and how we needed to. And it was fabulous that the kids did that for us, because that really helped us to shape the journey that we’ve gone on. I’ve been an English and History teacher for quite a few years, and I guess with these disciplines some things don’t change in the work we do with
students; encouraging them to read widely to think deeply. But I guess what
has changed is the availability of technology which enables us to extend students and give them new challenges. It gives them a lot more flexibility in how they interact with us, and I find that I
can really learn from the students I work with to develop those skills and hopefully continue to make how we learn together meaningful and interesting. So the Aztecs have had a huge impact on
the school. We fix major IT issues throughout the school community, and it does have an impact on other people’s learning. So, the collaboration doesn’t stop just within the school though. We can collaborate anywhere, anytime so group work becomes significantly easier, where we can talk to each other outside of school on the same document or the same piece of work, and then we’re seeing that happen throughout the whole school, not just certain areas

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