CANADA- Provinces + Territories explained (Geography Now!)

Hey everybody, so as you know, I am working on the next few country episodes Which means this is gonna have to be a filler week Now we’ve done administrative division videos before like Russia India Brazil and by popular demand this episode is gonna be on the provinces and territories of Canada Before we jump into it though Just got to say thank you Squarespace for sponsoring this video A lot of you probably already know who they are we’re gonna get into it later alright but in the meantime now like many other videos I’ve done I feel like the best way to go about doing this video will probably Be to have a native of Canada with me. And so without further ado say hello to my former roommate and friend Aaron All right, Aaron explain. Ah, where are you from? I’m from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada a little disclaimer So even though I am from Canada it is a very diverse and big nation So these things may be a little inaccurate, but we’ll do our best We did quite a bit of research though. So I think most of it is accurate. But yeah, just uh Aaron approves. Yeah Before we jump into it The little few side facts Canada is the second largest country in the world right after Russia in terms of land area the vast majority at somewhere around eighty seven percent of the population of Canadians live within a hundred miles or 160 kilometers for us Canadians of the u.s. Border cities are very far apart too – aren’t they? Yeah, the country overall is very spaced out. So Canada is made up of ten provinces and 3 territories Aaron explain What exactly is a territory a territory is different from a province because provinces actually have their own Government – the provincial government territories do not have that. So all their laws and policies are done directly through the federal government Plus they have like very little population, right? well absolutely at the lowest populations and it’s a well-known fact all Canadians have a secret stash of maple syrup on them and all times for maple syrup emergencies anyway without further ado Let’s jump into it alberta Capital Edmonton largest city Calgary. It’s the rustic cowboy province of Canada. They even have the Calgary Stampede that takes place every year They’re also kind of like the energy province They have a lot of oil, you know There’s a lot of big oil industry out there places like the Athabasca sands Drumheller Has that strange-looking rock formation place. It’s also known as like the dinosaur capital of the world They also have lots of ranches and farms They also have the largest national park Wood Buffalo as well as Banff National Park Which is arguably one of the most beautiful parks. Aaron, when you think of people from Alberta, what kind of comes to mind? More conservative outdoorsy kind of cowboy ish people almost like a, Texas of Canada, Texas of Canada? There we go And fun fact Alberta is officially rat-free. British Columbia also known as BC The capital is Victoria and the largest city is Vancouver this is uh Kind of like the adventure province of Canada great mountains a lot of biking and hiking and cool stuff you could do Yeah, it’s also kind of back up Hollywood or Hollywood of the north so many movies and TV shows are filmed over here It’s just like you could use their backdrops, it’s also the only province that touches the Pacific Ocean and also gets lots of rain It’s also home to the only true desert in Canada the Okanagan What do you think when it comes to like British Columbia people? Generally like a sort of hippy West Coast vibe Very trendy, kind of hipstery. Oh, yeah, they got a lot of retirees too something like that, right? Yeah I mean even my grandparents live out there So there you go confirmed. Manitoba capital and largest city Winnipeg that’s sort of the intro to the prairies There’s also a joke here that said in Canada that the people there always say we were born here. What’s your Excuse? There’s a lot of lakes here It’s kind of like the lake province and a lot of people from the first nations or the Native Americans they have a lot of influence over this area further up north you find Churchill one of the only Few settlements on the Hudson’s Bay locally known as polar bear capital of the world Oh and Winnipeg is kind of known as the murder capital of Canada. I think in one year they had six murders. Oh Six, what you gonna do? Oh, that’s a war zone out there. No, but seriously, they got a lot of cool stuff There’s like a really nice-looking Human Rights Museum. There’s that bridge I mean, I hate to say it But I don’t really meet a lot of you minute Oba so I don’t really have much of an opinion But I’m guessing you’re probably outdoorsy rugged types If you’re gonna be out Matt over where it’s cold, and there’s polar bears so New Brunswick the capital capital of Fredericton and largest city, Moncton this is kind of known as the loyalist province because a lot of the people that were loyal to the British Empire during the American Revolution fled to this place and some People also might call it petit Quebec as the second most populous french-speaking province And is the also the only officially bilingual province I think how you guys do that bilingual. Yeah bilingual we enunciate well Historically, they were part of Acadia the french-speaking area of Canada and fun fact, this is actually basically where the cajun people came from They actually migrated from Canada into Louisiana. So that’s where we get Cajuns from. And again, it’s a maritime province So you get lots of lighthouses? Fishing repelling off of cliffs has a Bay of Fundy with the biggest tidal change in the world at over 16 meters or a 53 feet for you Americans out there new Phaneuf inland you How do you guys pronounce a new Newfoundland? Newfoundland Francis on the new not the the fin which is like an F n not even an I cuz I pronounce that new Finland Before but no that’s not you say because it’s not anyway the largest city and capital is st John’s it is the easternmost province and split of two parts one being Newfoundland where about ninety percent of the population lives and Labrador Which mostly cuts off Quebec from the Atlantic take that Quebec and fun fact, they have their own time zone. Yeah It’s a half hour difference. Fun fact, this is actually the newest province established in 1949 Basically, it was like the UK’s last colonial stronghold in America until they had a referendum and then they receded back to Canada So yeah, the people here are known for being super nice and friendly, but they have a very strange accent Erin How would you describe it? Almost Canadian Irish? Because there were a lot of Irish settlers there Erin. Can you do the accent? Absolutely, not then here’s a clip do jump over like jump cigarette. Yeah. Well actually Don’t worry I don’t mind boy big it’s too much just roll down the window you so we made it Put that up boy froze dead, Nova Scotia Capital and largest city Halifax. This is the seaboard coast or Canada’s ocean playground as placed on their license plates Basically, this is the place where Scotland trying to start a colony. Hello Didn’t quite work out the residents still kept true to their traditions even to this day and bust the name Nova Scotia meaning New Scotland They even have a small but kind of diminishing Scottish Gaelic speaking community. You can find them every so often here in there Yeah, and there’s a place called Peggy’s Cove It has a somewhat famous lighthouse that every goes crazy after for some reason Peggy’s Cove And it’s also where these show Trailer Park Boys is set. Well, I was also like this huge explosion in 1917 it was like the largest man-made explosion prior to the invention of nuclear bombs two ships collide into each other and I’m happening to be an ammunition ship the whole city was destroyed many people died. Not a pleasant time. Think about it in Canada, Ontario The capital Ottawa largest city Toronto. This is your province indeed It is the most populous province with about 40% of the country’s entire population entire country This is basically the nucleus that power as much of Canada politically and economically It’s got the southernmost part of Canada in it And there’s so many things going on like mining tourism the service sector manufacturing agriculture Honestly, the problems can really be divided into two separate parts There’s northern and southern Ontario and Northern Ontario is what people were I’m from would call cottage country spread out There’s a less of an urban vibe. Whereas southern Ontario is lot more urban a lot more developed Well in speaking of politics to remember most politicians in Canada have to be bilingual Mostly because Quebec that one province Prince Edward Island also known as PEI to its friends capital and largest city is Charlotte It’s almost the word Charlotte a yeah, not sure if I’m actually pronouncing that right That’s how I grew up pronouncing it. This place has many nicknames spud Island the garden of the Gulf the million acre farm It’s the smallest and least populated province of Canada. But keep in mind the territory said even fewer people than that Now this place is known mostly for Anne of Green Gables the book and They also grow a lot of potatoes and there’s those really cool beaches with sand that squeaks when you step on it But I think of Pei I think of people running through grassy fields wearing 18-hundreds clothes clearly. Thanks Anne of Green Gables Yeah, that’s that’s all you people are You wear a hundred fifty year old clothing Quebec the capital city. Bean Quebec City largest city, of course being Montreal or mafia Originally known as LaBelle province meaning the beautiful province, but now in the license plates it says jamia souviens Which means I remember which is kind of like throwing shade at the English for treating the Acadians and French Canadians back history They are the largest province in size Obviously they are the french-speaking province. It’s actually their only official language However, most people in most major cities are bilingual with English Yeah, everything from TV radio newspapers schools aren’t French Quebec is actually the only province in Canada I have been to and I noticed when I was there they speak French a little differently to me it sounds a little more twangy and kind of guttural like It’s hard to explain and also I noticed they used a lot of different words That’s kind of like they condense it like instead of saying Kiska They say kiss a fun fact traffic lights are also sideways also the food they’re known for inventing poutine or puts in now They’re also the largest supplier of maple syrup and they even have the world’s largest. Maple syrup reserve Saskatchewan capital city, Regina He’s a 12 year old largest city Saskatoon. This is the prairie province the breadbasket of Canada This is the flattest part of Canada kind of like, Iowa or Nebraska They’ve got lots of wheat fields and they grow the most crops. They’re also kind of known as the tornado alley of Canada Oh, I feel like Saskatchewan is kind of like the place where you would go to like run from the law cornfields Nobody’s nobody’s gonna want to go all the way to Saskatchewan to catch you. I’m come on. What do you think about Saskatchewan people? They’re probably nice. I’ve never actually met anyone from Saskatchewan I assume there’s some nice country folk running from the law and now we’ve reached the territories together they only have a combined population of less than 200,000 all three of them. Yeah. It’s like really hard to live here It’s like super cold like most of the year and it lies on the barren Canadian Shield Yeah, most of the people who are out. There are either there for the mining industry or they’re the native people who live there So here they are the Northwest Territories Capital Yellowknife is Canada’s less frontier and polar bear land for in fact They have 11 official languages 9 in addition to English and French most of them are from Various native tribes like the Cree the slavey the Chippewa or the cui Qing and like a ton others and it has the largest Non-shared link also known as Great Slave Lake and named after the slave II people not slaves slave II It’s a tribe also known as the den a people which are actually the ancestors of the Navajo which live in Arizona See how we get like a lot of there’s so much connection between these two land masses You know, it’s just like we take your people We take your people from your land, yeah we kidnap Canadians none of its capital E Calumet. That’s how you pronounce it None of it, right? I mean, that’s how I pronounce it land of the Midnight Sun Probably the most isolated and obscure territory as there are no rows that connect to it directly from the rest of Canada So you can only fly or sail this is actually the newest addition to the Confederation of Canada Actually split off from the Northwest Territories back in 1999 this territory is predominantly inhabited by the Native in Nuuk t2 and in doing not tune peoples who they actually have their own writing system. It’s pretty cool You could see it on like street signs. And yeah, they just got their own like traditions and customs and stuff like that Yeah, really interesting and it also holds Paul’s favorite island that he’s affectionately named pancake island It’s the island inside the lake inside the island side the lake inside of Victoria Island. That’s yeah And finally the last one Yukon sometimes referred to as the Yukon capital Whitehorse It is the least populated of all the territories There’s also known as the Gold Rush territory known for the Klondike Gold Rush and also the westernmost Territory bordering Alaska, it also has Mount Logan Canada’s tallest mountain. It’s kind of like Alaska’s girlfriend’s so many people cross the border Yeah, yeah, they’re just like you you gotta have Alaska and Yukon working together They’re just right next to each other. And that is it all the 13 provinces and territories of Canada. Have I’ve got I don’t think we’ve ended too many people in this one. I hope not I apologize if I offended anyone that’s Okay, maybe a few. I mean, we’re we’re known for being nice cool question How would if you want Canada actually say sorry a lot even my daddy says sorry Are you serious that you have anything? I mean if you look at the word it’s spelled with an O So it should be pronounced or II know a joke, but that’s actually a thing people say, sorry I mean, there are laws in Canada that state that saying sorry is not an admission of guilt Well guys that is all of it. So I’m gonna ask Aaron to conclude everything before you just quickly This episode was brought to you by Squarespace For those of you don’t know Squarespace is a website where you can make a website If you go to the website, you can see a lot of options and pre-made templates you can use It’s a very great resource and very simple and easy to use just go to the website Click around see what you like and go from there And if you go to Squarespace calm slash geography now, you can get a 10 percent discount on your first purchase Thank you Squarespace square face. Thank you Squarespace for sponsoring this vibe Square face Thank You Squarespace for sponsoring this video. All right, Erin how would you just conclude this whole video Canada is a vast and diverse nation of awesome scenery and awesome people and People encouraged to go check it out and visit Canada Alright, well, that’s just about it and thank you for watching this episode of filler week. Hope you have a good one Stay cool. Stay tuned

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