Canada : A Great Place to Learn and Live

eight facts about Canada fact one while being the second largest country on the planet Canada has only a fraction of the world's population 33 million people what does that mean for you there is a lot of open space for fun back to Canada is one of the most northern countries of the world what does that mean for you there may be more snow than what you are used to but I'm 100% sure that you'll love the Canadian powder as much as I do enjoy endless slopes in some of the world's best ski and snowboard resorts fact 3 Canada is on the same latitude as Europe what does that mean for you a pleasant and diversified climate because 75% of Canadians live within 160 kilometres of the US border you are likely to experience four different seasons from spring to summer autumn and winter the climate changes throughout the year and each season offers exciting new possibilities fact for Canada stretches over 5,000 kilometres from the Atlantic to the Pacific what does that mean for you endless forests fresh air clean rivers plenty of wildlife rugged coastlines soaring mountains Canada has infinite possibilities to enjoy your free time fact 5 Canada is a friendly multicultural country what does that mean for you globally Canadians are known for their open-mindedness hospitality and their interest in other cultures so making new friends will be easy expect to create friendships that will last a lifetime fact 6 80% of the Canadian population lives in urban areas what does that mean for you Canadian cities like Toronto Montreal Vancouver Ottawa Calgary and Edmonton offer a wide range of cultural options like world-class museums concert halls theaters summer festivals and an exciting nightlife where you can party until the wee hours of the morning and cosmopolitan restaurants are offering cuisines from all parts of the world which will indulge your taste buds with exciting new flavors Canada's cities have it all back 7 Canada has one of the highest standards of living in the world what does that mean for you no matter if you fly drive take the bus or train it's generally pretty easy to get to where you want to go Canada is also a peaceful politically stable and safe democracy 70% of international students involved in a si bie survey cited Canada's reputation as a safe country as an important reason for deciding to study here while in Canada you should definitely explore all it has to offer enjoy the Canadian Way of life with us fact 8 Canada is waiting for you what does that mean for you come discover Canada's education lifestyle and natural wonders more information WWC bie BCE I ca you

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