25 thoughts on “Can You Pass The Louisiana Literacy Test?”

  1. America has been OBSESSED with black people since the dawn of time!! Seriously……It borders on the…unnatural!!

  2. The literacy test was designed for African Americans to fail. So they couldn’t vote.

    We got to get around the amendments let’s take their disadvantages and test them on it.

  3. Im from south louisiana and we took this just to see how unfair it was that slaves had to take this test to see if they were educated enough to vote and it's terrible that ppl made this test back then to basically to set slaves up to fail it's horrible

  4. I'm from Louisiana and I've never heard of this test. I'm not the least bit surprised knowing and experiencing the political corruption that goes on here.

  5. When I Took It, I Got Them All Right. The Answers Depend On How You Understand The Questions. And Yes, There Were Distractors In Them. However, The Overall Theme Was To Show How Ridiculous & Unfair Those Tests Were.

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