Can You Hear the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Pianos?

美国Baldwin 499美元(约人民币3500元)(转经多手) 这相当于一台2019年iPad Air的价钱\n 德国Otto Altenburg 2400美元(约合人民币16800元 )(二手)\n 这相当于一辆2019款川崎KLX110摩托车的价钱 德国C.Bechstein 贝希斯坦 50000美元(约合人民币350000元)(二手) 这相当于一辆2018款奥迪Q7的价钱 美国Steinway & Sons 施坦威 B型 112000美元(约合人民币784000元) 这相当于一辆二手法拉利的价格 美国Steinway & Sons 施坦威 D型 250000美元(约合人民币1750000元) 这相当于一台19米长的游艇的价钱 现在我们来看… 有史以来最贵的钢琴!!! 美国Steinway & Sons 施坦威 \图画展览馆\ 2500000美元(约合人民币17500000元) 美国Baldwin 499美元(约人民币3500元)(转经多手)

100 thoughts on “Can You Hear the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Pianos?”

  1. I was lucky enough to have a chance to play two different Steinway Ds at a Steinway showroom on two occasions. In both cases the full-throated, thrilling sound of the full bass and the rich sonority of the midrange and treble were astonishing in a way that this video cannot convey given the limitations imposed by recording limitations and the likelihood that listeners won't hear what is here through a top-end sound system. In this case I would choose the ebony D.

    BTW, in comparing pianos the action is an important part of the experience which is something this video of course cannot share.

  2. Bom dia, Vinheteiro. Estou com um riff de uma música, mas não acho o nome.
    É isso aqui:

    Se você souber, me ajuda?

  3. Hello everybody, Ive got this riff playing in my head, but cannot find the name of the song.
    It goes

    If anyone knows, I will appreciate the info.

  4. es buena tu musica pero no creo que el dinero compre mi tierra…pero si a los politicos de mi pais ….saludos des Venezuela

  5. Глупое сравнение потому что реальный звук этих пианин не сможет передать наушники и динамики, только присутствие рядом позволит почувствовать тембр, вибрацию, полифонию и гамму так что хрень полная это видео

  6. after $50k, they all kinda sounded the same. I would ask if they felt any different to play? fingerboard any better/worse? how comfy was the $2.5M piano bench?

  7. WYR create your own country in Venezuela’s land? Or just get a silly piano which is just fancier and smooth than the other ones? Cmon, rlly? Piano that expensive!

  8. Thankyou for this info👐🏻👐🏻👐🏻🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️👏🏼

  9. I honestly could barely tell the difference based on the fact that my speakers costs more than a million times less than the last one.

  10. The difference is much more pronounced at the $50,000 piano and below. After that the law of diminishing returns kicks in. I can (barely) hear a difference between the 50,000 and the 250,000, but I don't hear a progression through the one in between. I think the 2.5 million one was expensive because of provenance, not necessarily because it was better.

  11. I would actually prefer the first one than the second one to buy for myself.
    Model d sounds absolutely gorgeous to me, but I think it might be because of the audio setup… and I couldn't really tell the difference between it and the last one.

  12. I like to listen how you play. I can't hear the differents, most probably because of your mic or/and my HiFi not giving back the differents. Great videos!

  13. The "cheap" ones seem more hallowed out, but also possess an odd charm to them. The expensive ones obviously sound considerably more fleshed out and "warm", but at the same time sound robotic and without personality.

  14. Didn’t care for the first pianos sound, but the second was very pleasant. The third was much better than the second, but oh those Steinways! Amazing. It is incredible to hear them all back to back.

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