Can Nurses be taught critical thinking skills?

what's up everyone welcome back to the Daily Show those of you who are never been here before my name is Shawn do a daily video on something related to nursing know no rhyme or reason probably won't ever change not unless you have a suggestion today's topic critical thinking skills don't don't don't can they be taught can critical thinking skills actually be taught or have or don't have born with something that you develop over time something you look up at a book maybe you learn on a video maybe you can find it on the Internet regardless critical thinking skills are a tad bit important wouldn't you say many nurses out there talk about how important critical thinking skills are this particular skill can make or break a nurses career the success of a nurse it is the silver lining of a nurses care it's pretty important it's that ability to go something's wrong I should probably do something about that for some reason it's not something I feel that you can teach it's something you can sharpen something that develops over time you have to actually sharpen the tool you can't just expect it to show up em oh I have the critical thinking skills thank you I'm ready now something you have to work at can't read it in a book steal it from somebody watch it in a video well maybe this video you can't read it anywhere else there are some things you can do that might help you develop your critical thinking skills low and behold I have a couple suggestions five things you need to do to develop mature sharpen this wondrous thing called critical thinking skills first one you better know the normal how the body works when is not broken how are you to recognize a murderer if you don't know what s1 and s2 are recognized diabeetus if you don't understand how insulin liver and pancreas work in your body when it's normal you need to know normal before you can treat abnormal at any level LPN RN c RN p you could be a nurses a doesn't matter in health care you need to know normal in order to address abnormal something as simple as vital signs you need to know normal vital signs before you can recognize something is wrong if you think that you don't need to study something or that you can memorize it and know the normal I didn't say memorize it I said no the normal okay number two understand self-awareness have good self-awareness know what you are capable of what you know and what you don't know and you better be okay with that you're never gonna know it all the person you're learning it from they don't know it all either they sure know how to look it up utilize your resources were part of the most important lesson you ever learned in nursing school you are never going to know everything but you need to know that you don't know fake it for a while but sooner or later Mack you're right yes be self aware of your own skills number three know the what what know the what what the HPI history of present illness what the hell happened they didn't just show up because they had nothing better to do what happened no the what about everything that's going on with that patient what happened before they got there since they've been here what's happening now be familiar with what the hell's going on otherwise what's the point number four no the why why are we doing this why does that bother that person why is it affecting them this way why is it affecting me this way why is it affecting the patient's family that way why is the heart rate doing that why am I giving this medication wah-wah-wah-wah know the WHA and if you don't know the why find out why you don't know the why what why you know the one you know what I mean know the why to the why that made no sense you know what I mean I didn't say you had to solve the why number five why not why am I not giving leave with it why am I not putting an NG down why am I not taking the patient for a CT why is the doctor not performing this why is the doctor not doing that why is the pharmacist not saying this understand the why not five steps to help you get better at that thing called critical thinking skills know the normal self-awareness what why why not any question what did you think of that one you think I'm full of it do you have any additional suggestions about critical thinking skills these are just basic suggestions I'm sure you've got a ton of other suggestions on how to sharpen your critical thinking skills tool I love to hear from would you think of the video like it love it hate it did it suck I want to hear about it thumbs up leave me a comment share it and as always check your own pulse first

16 thoughts on “Can Nurses be taught critical thinking skills?”

  1. Yes, I am an analyzer- if that's the correct term- by nature, and in analyzing the job we do as nurses- being a newer nurse(LPN 2 1/2yrs and practicing as an RN for 10months now) I always say that this job is like being a private investigator , a lit of what we do is investigating people, their health habits, third labs , diets, signs , symptoms to find all these "why's" and how's etc, and we have to be very nose, inquisitive , direct, intuitive , logical and practical and put pieces of the puzzle together which is the part of this profession I do enjoy. But I'm a naturally, introvert and not "nosey" person for lack of a better term and I have to constantly evaluate and revamp my approach and thinking pattern , but sometimes you just don't know, what you don't know until it happens already. So moral of the story is ….. Questions are our friends, and asking them is a sign of intelligence. I tell myself that so I don't feel dumb when asking a lot of them.😋

  2. Thank you I will do! Know the why? what? Can you do a video on charting the correct way? love your videos!!

  3. When i was brand new i had a seasoned nurse give a great tip. He said the key is to know how the body works when functioning properly. Still working on this but u said the same thing so there has to be some truth to it.

  4. Pray pray ! that your information do not just decide to fly out your head. And leave you looking stupid.

  5. Any tips on not "over thinking"? This seems to be my Achilles heel. I look at the answers, eliminate the couple of obvious wrong answers and then of course I am left with the two correct answers and that stumbling block, "But which is better?" I often choose the "less best" because I stumble down a series of steps involving things I've read, things my professor has said or things I've seen that make me sure the "less best" answer is right…sigh. I try to focus on important/life protecting things like ABC and make sure I re-read the question to check what they are asking for but a lot of questions still baffle me. Any suggestions would be great! Love the videos…informative and entertaining!

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