Can Lying Be a Good Thing? | Little Kids. Big Questions.

-The older we get, the further
we get from the truth and the more
we search for answers. If only we could ask
the real experts, life would go
a whole lot smoother. This is
“Little Kids, Big Questions.” Featuring is your host,
Ingrid Michaelson and the Austin Hartley-Leonard
Quintet. -Him, guys. Thank you,
thank you. Good evening. Welcome and thank you
for joining us tonight. Here is an interesting
factoid for you. Did you know
that lying is actually a sign of cognitive advancement? Did you know that, Austin? -What?
-Yeah. Thought so. Not that lying is a good thing.
Or is it? It’s time to see what
some little humans have to say. Please put your hands together for our guests tonight,
Casey, Bianca, and Evan. [ Cheers and applause ] -It’s so comfy. -You’re right.
They were comfortable. -Hi, guys! -Hi.
-Hi. -Do you know
what this is right here? -A light bulb.
-A light bulb and a box. -You know what it is?
It’s an invention. It’s a lie detector test.
Austin, come here. -Oh! It tells you
if you’re right or wrong. -Yeah.
-So this is, you see this button
right here on the side of this? -Hmm.
-When I ask you a question… -I’m gonna sit right here.
-…I want you to answer it truthfully
and hold the button down while you’re answering it.
-Okay. -How are you?
-Cool, cool, cool, cool. -Good.
-Good, good. -Do you enjoy watching
“My Little Pony?” -No, no, definitely not. -Oh!! -But that says —
that says that you do. -It’s a lie. -[ Speaks indistinctly ]
-Yeah. -And hand this to,
give this to Bianca. -Bianca.
-Yes. You’re gonna start. Hi, Bianca, how are you?
-Good. -Okay, hold that button
on the side. -Like this? -I have some questions
to ask you. Have you ever lied about having
homework? Yes or no? -No. -No! What?! -Have you ever farted in class? -Yes. -Honesty!
Let’s hear it for honesty! [ Cheers and applause ] Pass it on to Evan.
Let’s see what he says. Evan, have you ever lied
about having homework? -I would say yes. -Okay, I think you got scared. -Let’s pass it on to Casey. -Have you ever farted in class? -Yes. [ Laughter ] -Sometimes the truth
hurts and smells. Can I show you something?
-Yes. -Can I show you something?
-Yeah. -Oh! You’re doing it!
-I lied to you! I was lying, and I’m sorry. But see now I’m telling
the truth, because I felt bad. -So I never — so — so I was… -No, you s– No. -So, I was right
about my homework? -Yeah.
No, ’cause I saw your face. I saw the truth in your eyes. It was kind of a test. I want to know, I want to know
how it makes you feel? How do you feel
that I just lied to you? -Upset.
-Oh! -Why do people lie? -So they don’t get in trouble or get grounded
for a week for something. -Maybe they did something bad and they don’t want
their parents to find out and they just say,
“The dog ate my homework,” which is like a very poor excuse
because everyone uses it. -I agree with you.
Have you ever told a fib? -Most of the time, sometimes.
-I like that. Most of the time, sometimes. -Yes, very efficient
with grammar. -Yes, what’s like the biggest
lie you’ve told? -I don’t think
I have a biggest. -All right.
-Really? -Or are you lying right now? -I’m not lying. I’m not sure.
-Hmm. How can you tell
when someone is lying? -I have a secret girl book
and it has all the secrets. -Austin has that, too.
-Yeah. -It’s a good one. -And they’re write down, and they show how to tell
if someone is lying. Um, if like you ask, “Why didn’t you come
to my party last week?” “Your party?”
They repeat the word or… -And that’s a clue
that they knew? -Yeah. Yeah.
-Interesting. -If they shake their knees
or their face is red or their eyes is like this. [ Laughter ] -All right, Casey, Bianca, Evan.
[ Clear throat ] Does a liar’s pants
actually get set on fire? -Karma.
-No. -Karma?
-No, no, no. -Liar, liar, pants on fire. -Do you know what karma is?
-Do you know what karma is? -Yes, it’s when,
it’s when you be mean to people a lot and then like
bad stuff has happened to you. Like when you’re
riding you’re bike and a cat gets in the street
and you just fall down. And then when you accidentally, when you’re walking
on the sidewalk home, you are, like your feet just
get stuck on to the sidewalk and they just dry off when they’re building
the sidewalk. -Sometimes people,
it’s also good karma. Sometimes people, you do
something nice to someone else and they do something nice back. -You guys have totally
started talking about karma which is like a completely
interesting different topic, but what I actually asked are —
“Do your pants go on fire?” -No.
-No! -Yes.
-Wait, maybe. -Yes? -You wanna hear a cheer? -Well, I got no more questions,
so let’s hear it. -Answering a question.
-I answer a question? What question did you ask me? -I’m asking,
do you want to hear a cheer? -I do —
I do want to hear a cheer. I want to hear a cheer, yes. -All right. Okay. This is called
Cookies and Cream. Cookies, cookies,
cookies and cream. What’s the matter
with the other team? Nothing, nothing, nothing,
nothing at all. They just
[Claps] can’t play ball. -1, 2, 3. -[ Singing ] Cookies, cookies,
cookies and cream What’s the matter
with the other team? -Thank you guys so much
for hanging out with us. -Nothing, nothing, nothing,
nothing at all They just can’t play ball! Say goodbye.
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. -Bye.
-Good night. [ Cheers and applause ] -See you.

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  1. Woohoo! Ingrid=hilarious! These will be great videos as they soul pancake makes more. (This one is great too)

  2. I love it, but could you work on increasing Ingrid's volume (up her mic?) I had to turn it way up to hear her but then when the kids would talk it would be blaring.  Thanks! 🙂 

  3. To know the    ANSWER to BIG QUESTIONS in life, you should check out    "The Present" at Truthcontest x com 🙂 ♦

  4. A factoid is a questionable or spurious (unverified, false, or fabricated) statement presented as a fact. (Google Dictionary) "Lying is a sign of cognitive advancement" is a true statement. 

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  6. 3:30 "He's very efficient with grammar."
    lol! Sometimes kids say dead on accurate and hilarious stuff without even realizing it.

  7. The year I got a puppy I was a full time student.   When I took science class, my puppy actually did get a hold of some of my homework and ripped it up.  When my teacher saw the condition–  Boy was I ever embarrassed.

    Thankfully he's MOSTLY grown out of it.  He rips up only things which smells like food.

  8. Oh god i love it!….. " Most of the time sometimes….i like that …. He's very efficient with grammar" oh god

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