Can I Go Blind from Playing Video Games? – Your Worst Fears Confirmed

Can you go blind
from playing video games? 100%, and here’s how.
Your eyes are made up of rods and cones that all float
in the goo of the eyeball. If the rods or cones
get damaged, or if the goo leaks out,
you will go blind. How can video games disturb
this precious eyeball ecosystem? Video Games are composed
of 2-D images, plumbers, ninjas,
Sims in jacuzzies. While your eyes are built
to process 3-D images, plumbers, ninjas,
Kims in jacuzzies. Doctors say that video games
can cause strain on your eyes, but they can’t
make you go blind. But doctors lie. That’s why
malpractice insurance exists. Let’s say you spend
the next 30 days, 24 hours a day playing
video games uninterrupted. You strap a feed bag
to your jaw, cut a hole in your couch
to fit a bed pan. You’re going to have a great
time playing video games. But you have
undiagnosed Lagophthalmos Disease, a condition that causes
your eyes to stay open without blinking for hours. It’s why you never lost
a staring contest. And now after 720 hours,
it’s the reason your eyeballs look like
pruning hot tub fingers, because you just went blind,
from playing video games. Let’s say you’re a big time
blinker, keep those balls moist
all year round and your body active
with your Nintendo Wii. People say that gamers
are couch potatoes, not you, you’ve got lats
and delts and cum gutters, all thanks to your Wii
Fit. You’re feeling the burn
during Mario Tennis. It’s your, me against Yoshi
and it’s 40 love, you’re one serve away
from a perfect game. You swing and it’s an ace. You throw up
your hands in victory, at which point you realize you forgot to attach
the safety strap. After hours of sweaty tennis, the Wii-mote flies
out of your hands and smashes
into your eye socket. Game, set, blind,
from video games. Let’s say you never have
your eyes exposed while playing video games,
always keep them covered with a VR headset and you just splurged
on an oculus rift. Worth it,
the graphics are incredible. You spend days
in sheer virtual reality bliss, fighting bears, kissing robots.
They’re just suggestions, you don’t have
to do those things. Hours turn into days,
turn into months. You finally take your glasses
off on April 8th, 2024 and look up into the sky
as the moon lines up perfectly with the sun
for a total solar eclipse. You think it’s just another
incredible graphics package. You don’t know what’s real,
you’re in too deep. As the direct sunlight scorches
your retinal sockets, your eyeballs burst into flames
like marshmallows at the end of a campfire stick. You just went blind
from video games, again. Let’s say you don’t trust VR,
you’re a classics kind of guy. That’s why you prefer more
vintage game like, Duck Hunt. You’re sitting
in your living room, plastic gun
controller casually pointed to the flying ducks on screen. You’re having such a great time,
you don’t notice the two ornery hops that have
landed outside your window, and they don’t like what you’re
doing to their duck friends. They decide to take revenge. They use their beaks
to crack open a window and pluck out your eyes. The last thing you see
is that dog in the field. He’s just laughing at you, because nature just blinded you
for playing video games. Let’s say
you’re an online gamer, got into gaming for
the community MMORP God bless. And you’re having a wonderful
time with your friends from all around the globe, until some troll enters
your World of Warcraft. He’s slinging insults,
real personal stuff says, everyone knows
you’re not a real doctor even if you do wear
that stethoscope. You fill with rage. You don’t even realize
what’s happening until your fist slams
into the TV screen. Shards of plexiglass fly
out of the Boob Tube and straight into your [eye lube
00:00:03:34] , pierce through your retina,
causing all the goo to leak out. Now you’re blind,
permanently from video games. Let’s say you’ve never played
a violent game in your life. You prefer something
more serene, like a life strategy simulation,
Sims. You purchased Sim’s Hot Date,
decide it’s time for your avatar to travel to a new destination
called downtown. There he meets a lady. She’s a beautiful,
elegant, older woman. There’s something about her
that’s familiar, even though she is, but a computer
generated stranger. At the end of an incredible
evening together, she leads you to her bungalow
where your two avatars and make me passionate woo-hoo, but in the morning, the real
you wakes up in a cold sweat. You rush to your desktop
as the thing nagging you becomes crystal clear, you thought that woman
looked familiar because that woman is familiar. Your familiar,
it’s your mother’s Avatar. She started playing after
the divorce, you’re a modern day Oedipus. You gouge out your eyes,
spend the rest of your life wandering the perimeter
of your desktop, blind from video games. Let’s say you never play games.
You just like to watch. Solitaire, you like it
when the cards fill the screen. Well, 60 years from now
you get glaucoma. Your optometrist says
it’s from old age and your family history
of Glaucoma. I say it’s from the fact
that you once watched a computer game of solitaire.
Who are you going to trust? Me, or some optometrists who
makes you say letters out loud? Plus they’re too far away,
you can’t even see them. So yes, you can go blind
from video games. It’s just a matter
of when and how. I’m Natasha Vaynblat,
I’m better than an optometrist. I’m an expert and your worst fear
has been confirmed.

100 thoughts on “Can I Go Blind from Playing Video Games? – Your Worst Fears Confirmed”

  1. I almost got worried when I read the title, but Im much less worried after watching it. Only the first one sounds somewhat realistic, and even then thats an extreme scenario that almost nobody would do. As long as you cant both eat, drink and use the toilet while playing the videogames simultaneously you are never gonna play for that long in a row

  2. This is honestly so stupid only one reason actually made video games make you go blind and that was cause of a random ass disease

  3. Bull shit lets say if a angry gamer sees your video and visits you to ask about your video and suddenly you poke his eyes in fear and self defence . Hahaha Video game can turn you blind

  4. what are the chances the wii u falls out and goes through your eye.It need to have a huge force of momemtem for it to go through the eye.It should just hit ur eye normally

  5. Atomic bomb falls on house

    video games

    You accidentally get your nut flung in your eye


    You overthrow your government making you the king but then fall and hit your eyes causing blindness

    video games

  6. What the heck haha who the hell is gonna throw a Wii remote at their eye. And at most it would bruise it lol that's a stupid one

  7. Ya know this is the type of shit my parents would believe and tell me and when i tell them something good about video games they tell me "dont believe everything you see online"

  8. Wtf is this ?!?! At first I was like "oh yeah u can definitely go blind if u play 30 day straight." Then she is like . " A pair of hawks swoop into ur house and snatch ur eyes out" ?!?! "U dated ur mother and jammed a CD into ur eyes" ….. I'm like what?????

  9. I love how most of these are just violent coincidental ways to loose your eyes.

    Basicly don't play for too long, and watch out for sharp things.

  10. Bitch STFU no person is gonna play the fucking video game for more than a day not months on end stop trying to make people think that games are bad for society even tho it actually connects us so you can fucking die thinking that we can go blind WE FUCKING CANT CAUSE WE ARENT FUCKING RETARDED (well most of us) AND WE ARENT GOING TO GO BLIND AND YOU LITERALLY HAVE ZERO PROF IF THATS GAS EVER HAPPENED TO ANYONE EVER

  11. Me after watching this turn my flat screen TV right back on in my Xbox 1 playing Naruto😂😎in my apartment

  12. Damn and I told my cousin to stop masterbating so much or he would go blind. Someone should really put this on the video game warning label lol

  13. laughed my ass off @0:55 😀
    my eyes do get like that while playing video games but its not from video games xD

  14. At last, a scientific video with proper critical thinking and argumentation. Thanks guys for the info, now I can return to my prior hobbies and keep on stalking and harassing 3D real people.

  15. These are the most random reasons, like the birds🦅, and stuck cds💿 in your eyes👁, and the tv📺 glass into your eyes👁

  16. I hope everyone knows that this video is bull shit. Lagophthalamos disease only happens if you have facial nerve paralysis or palsy. Google how many people play video games vs how many people are blind for any reason and you will see this is bull. People only have this disease from a stroke. You’re more likely to get it from athleosclerosis

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