Can dogs eat carrots ? German translation, recipes for kids education学习英语德语

Hello sweethearts, welcome to
Hungry Sammy´s first episode! Can you guess whats inside this bowl?
Just look at it! It´s colorful, its bright, it looks really delicious! Doesn´t it? Hungry Sammy! Hand in paw we learn together… Congratulations!
You got it right! Its the carrot! Or as we say in German :
Die Karotte Now we are going to peel the carrot to peel translates to : schälen Wir schälen die Karotte We have a yellow carrot We have a red carrot And we have an orange carrot Carrots can come in different sizes, different colors and in different shapes. We are going to cut the carrot To cut something means : etwas schneiden All of them are really delicious! And just look how gorgeous the red one is! If you´d like to learn more, please subscribe to my video! Orange means : orange
(The German Orange is pronounced different, it was a mistake . Orange is the fruit in the background.) Yellow means gelb Red means rot And now that we have learned so much!
Its time to surprise Sammy! With our delicious carrots! Oh and he loves carrots sooooo much! Look Sammy ! Just for you! And now its time to dress you up for the holidays! You are just such a cute little reindeer! Or as we say in German : ein süßes kleines Rentier! He just loves carrots so much! So ein süßes kleines Rentier Ganz verrückt nach Karotten So süß! Such a cute little reindeer! Thank you for watching our first episode! We will upload new episodes every week Hugs and kisses from Sammy and me!
We wish you all amazing holidays! And a happy new year! If you´d like to surprise Sammy with a nice gift this year you can find his Amazon wishlist underneath this video. So, feel free!
And thank you for watching! Bye bye

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