6 thoughts on “Can Critical Thinking Be Taught?”

  1. when I really sit and analyse whether or not common sense can be taught I think the answer is yes. while some kids may be naturally brighter than others I think putting the expectation on an older kid/teen to think before they act forces them to start developing common sense. Lord knows my mom used to fuss at me for not thinking all the time!

    you can also tell which people you encounter had everything done for them as kids and those ppl tend to not utilize common sense

  2. I believe many aspects of critical thinking can be taught. Common sense may even be developed through meditation. Studies have shown I.Q.s to increase just from meditation. Critical thinking is very grey in many aspects. Ben Carson was told many times that he was unintelligent and presumably lacked common sense. Early in grade school he had very low grades. He later became one of leading Neurosurgeons in the Country. He had to have developed some critical thinking to pass USMLE & his residency program or am I wrong? Very interesting topic…. I am only a LPN & that's only my opinion.

  3. LOVE IT!!!!!!
    Thanks for the thought provoking response brother. We agree on something again???!!!! What's up with that… 😉
    I appreciate you breaking it down. I think any student that finds your video… and hops over and views my video should have a firm grasp on what to expect with this beast called 'Critical Thinking Skills'.

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