Campus Placement Interviews – Cognizant & Wipro – Manish Raj Srivastav – Sathyabama University

Hello everyone! I am Manish Srivastav I did my engineering in computer science from Sathyabama University in Chennai The first company which came to my campus for placement was Cognizant I cleared the aptitude exam and the next round was technical interview and this is how it went Okay Manish, so tell me about yourself And why you chose Computer Science Engineering? So I was born in Bihar and brought up in Delhi I did my schooling from Delhi as well I got eight point 8.8 CGPA in Tenth standard And 75 percent marks in 12th standard after that I got a scholarship from Sathyabama University So I convinced my parents to let me do engineering from there and I moved to Chennai to pursue engineering I like reading and in my spare time I write articles on Quora I also write sketches and plays Now coming back to your question about computer science engineering I was always interested into Computers which is why I also took C++ as my additional subject in my 12th standard Also one of my cousins took computer science engineering and he is now well settled in US and he is being paid quite well over So that’s what inspired me to take up Computer Science Engineering That’s good but you said C++ was your additional subject And you were always interested in computer So what programming languages do you know and which is the programming language that you are most comfortable in C, C++, Java and C# but I’m most comfortable working with C++ So can you write a program to reverse the integer in C++ Sure Can you write the same program in Java Sure Okay that’s good I think you are good with basics But you are in your final year and you’ve mentioned about this project in your resume So can you tell me a little about it So the project which I have been working on is into the domain of network and security so we have a Debit Card most of use a debit card these days and debit card comes with a four-digit pin The problem with that is that anyone who is standing near to you or someone who’s looking at the ATM from a security camera can look into that ATM card and they can use it against you So what I have come up with is the dynamic colour pattern The colour changes every time you see it and which is why you enhance the security level to a very different level Okay that’s good but Can you tell me what algorithm are you using? And take this pen & paper, you have
the pen right, Write it down and tell me How it can be implemented in real life? So this is the algorithm as you can see So there is a colour corresponding to each number For instance your first number in the OTP or in the pin is 1 and there are four colours associated There is Black, there is Purple there is Violet there is Blue These colours are going to be changing every time Similarly as goes for two there is
going to be a different set of colours so what you get out of all these four colour combinations is 40 different combinations of colours so if there is someone standing right next to you or someone looking through the security camera what they will get to see is these colours and they won’t be able to guess the pin because these colours keep changing all the time I explained her everything, I went on talking for 15 minutes I thought I had impressed her but I was no wrong in what I was thinking Okay I get that. and it’s quite impressive
actually but for a guy who’s not educated Don’t you think it would be easier to remember the four digits rather than this Iunderstood your project but I feel that it cannot be implemented in real life. I have been working in this domain for past 7 years And honestly I agree with whatever you saying but I think that this project will not take more than two to three weeks to complete. Right! So thank you so much for your time but I just have one advice for you That next time whenever you are writing down your project in your resume do not do so without like without thorough research Yeah! Thank you for your time That day I learned one thing that don’t add anything in your resume until & unless you are sure about it I was doing that project but it was in initial stage and And the interviewer who took my interview she had a very good experience in the same domain so I was not able to answer
her questions Make sure add whatever you want in your resume but make sure you have a good knowledge about the subject or that topic I got rejected from Cognizant And the next company which was about to come to my campus was Infosys So I thought okay I’ll prepare for it and I will give my best First round as usual was a Aptitude exam and unfortunately just because of two or
three marks I was not able to clear this exam Most of my friends got placed in Cognizant and Infosys And I felt left out, I felt really bad I lost my confidence but thanks to my friends and families they supported me and I started preparing for the third company which was Wipro I cleared the aptitude exam and the next round was technical round and this is how it went Hi Manish! Congrats on cracking the aptitude test Thank you so much sir Let’s go straight to the technicals Sure sir Can you explain the concept of object-oriented programming? Object-oriented programming is a methodology or a paradigm to design a program using classes and objects. There are four parts to it – Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction and
Encapsulation Write a program to check whether a number is Palindrome or not? Sure Please explain bubble sorting and
write the algorithm Bubble Sorting is an algorithm which is designed to compare the values of an integer with the other integer and if the numerical value of the first one is greater than the other it gets swapped and this goes on happening for the entire array of numericals I’ll write down the algorithm Okay get ready for your HR thank you so much sir I got selected at Wipro and I was very
happy I started dancing and I started calling all my friends and families I called my mom but she didn’t pick my call And then I called and then I called my father And he told me that my mom is not well and she is in ICU Next day I took a train and came to Delhi I was with my mom for a couple of days and then I got a call from a college that I have Dell interview next week I discussed with my father and he asked me to go and attend that interview and he made sure that he will take care of my mom Unfortunately that day I missed my
flight I was in tremendous pressure I had an interview, my mom was not well and now I missed this flight I called my father he scolded me But somehow he arranged money and 4:30 in the morning next day I reached to Chennai 5:30 I reached my room 8:30 was my Dell interview And due to lack of preparation and I was tired I was not able to clear the first round for Dell I told this to my father and I said I’m not happy and then he gave me one advice which I still follow that we should always give our best He told me that I should be not sad because I took a chance and I was not able to clear it If I would have missed this opportunity then maybe I should have blamed myself for entire life After few days my mom was out of danger And the first news which she heard was of my placement She was very happy and that day I learnt one thing that we should never ever give up upon our dreams and on our passion If you are not getting admission in a IIT or NIIT or NIT just don’t be disheartened There are many good opportunities out there Not every private college is good but there are many private colleges which are really good Don’t be disheartened just trust yourself Keep following your passion & dreams and definitely one day you will achieve your goal 2016 26th June I joined Wipro After joining Wipro I saved 25,000 rupees which I gave to my mom and father for their 25th anniversary Last year I bought a new bike And this year I saved one Lakh and gave to my father for his future expenditure and I even planned a family trip for my grandfather and my parents That’s my parents in Mysore In the last I would like to thank you RU buZZing team for showing interest in my story and bringing it in front of you so that you can learn from my mistake and get inspired They are doing a great job and if you want to support their cause please hit that subscribe button In case you want to reach me you can go and message me on Quora my profile link is in Description below

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  2. Learn Big Data, AI, Cloud for free with project based video tutorials.

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  3. While in the the technical round of wipro,he asked to write the algorithm for bubble sort,but u have written the whole prgram and still got selected.Slow claps for these MNC"c.

  4. Hello Everyone
    It's Manish here. This videos is based on my story. I just want to clarify few things. The program shown in the video is just an enactment and this video was not shot by IT professionals, I am glad many of you found the mistakes in program but please don't criticize me or RU buzzing team. Also this is not the entire interview but just a glimpse. I remember I had a 30-40 minute interview. Few interviewer ask basic programs to check your basics. I remember I wrote same program in 2-3 languages. After that interviewer asked questions about algorithms, OOPS concept, testing etc. Someone who are good with coding might find thee things easy but that's not same for every one. Something easy for you can be difficult for others. So please stop bashing by saying that these things are way to easy. It's good if you feel it's easy, It will boost your confidence. I wish luck and success to all of you. All the best. Try to be positive and stop making fun of others. It will help you to achieve good things in life.

  5. I dont think cognizant took technical round by asking write a code….. they dont need developers they only wants guys with english speaking knowledge…..

  6. I have complete MCA in 2015 and now i am teaching in a school.

    Now i want to work in corporate, but companies don't shortlist because of time gap and my teaching experience.

    So what should i do to get the job.

  7. Hello sir your story really inspires me..I m computer engineering Student studing in pune University now am in 3rd year. Next year i will attent the interview but i don't understand how to study for Clear aptitude…plz sir help can i study for aptitude…

  8. If a fresher is as sharp n competant as a professional….. Why are the professional be paid so much….a fresher should be recruited on the basis of his passion n attitude

  9. Actually I have communication problem… I can understand what people are said to me.. But I can't speak as well

  10. current affairs for all competitive exams
    like SSC, PSC, Bank, Railways and other exams

  11. Great sir…. Extremely great… Video.. Thankyou very much sir to sharing your life experiences with us… 👌👌👌👌

  12. Wait in the project which he mentioned pin keeps changing colour. I assume on the screen it who'll be displayed what colour each no. represents otherwise the person trying to put his pin himself won't know what to type

  13. Sir I have knowledge of SQL and Oracle 10g but due to lot off Gap and leaking of confidence I am not able to get opportunity. How I come in MNC company.

  14. Cognizant TCS and all Indian recruiters should be banned. Use American companies and recruiting firms. Indian Telegu speaking people bought so much politics in IT. They discriminate people from neighboring districts and countries. When you see a team made of almost all Telegu speaking people, complain to HR and let the consumer affairs know. They never hire people from other places but Telegu only.

  15. ditto same to the same as like this only it interviews goes around. I too faced some question in TCS, Infosys, EPAM etc.,

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